Liebherr Comfort No Frost Freezer 186x60cm

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Liebherr Plus FNe5227 (FNE 5227) 185.5x60cm 277L No Frost White Upright Freestanding Freezer

No Frost

When you open your freezer, you want to see frozen food – and certainly not ice and frost. No Frost protects the freezer compartment from unwanted icing, which consumes a lot of energy and can be expensive. No Frost means no more tedious and time-consuming defrosting of the freezer compartment, more time for other things – and saving money.

Touch display

Fingertip control: the touch display enables easy and intuitive operation of your Liebherr. All functions are clearly arranged on the display. By gently tapping a finger, for example, you can easily select the functions or check the current temperature of your refrigerator.


Simple, classic, high-quality: With its shiny white-painted surface, the Liebherr fits particularly well into its surroundings and transcends fashion and trends, remaining timeless, beautiful and functional. The white surface is robust and easy to clean, keeping your Liebherr looking as good as the day you got it, even years later.

Recessed grip

Special and functional: You can open the appliance very easily using the vertically integrated and ergonomically fitted handle. Additionally, the modern and puristic design fits perfectly into your hands-free kitchen.

Interior Fit

Complete the purest design for your kitchen: Our refrigerators fit perfectly into a 60 cm deep niche: Leaving only the door protruding in a defined manner, ensuring optimum access to the recessed grip and lever handle. In this way, the focus is always on your kitchen – with your Liebherr as the focal point and highlight.

Plinth concept

Does your refrigerator need to be powerful and convenient – but also sustainable? If so, then a Liebherr is perfect for you. Our Blu  Performance technology makes it a real all-rounder. It offers a huge volume and lots of cooling capacity – but also consumes a very small amount of energy. And now listen! You can hardly hear a thing. Your Liebherr is extremely quiet despite its level of performance.


What would you like to hear in your kitchen? A sizzling pan, laughter, music? One thing you certainly don’t want to hear is your fridge. It has such a calm character that you can barely hear it. Its secret lies in its modern interior. All components are technically and mechanically adapted to one another. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Door Alarm

Your Liebherr’s door alarm ensures that you don’t use up energy unnecessarily and spoil food. The moment the fridge door is left open for too long, it alerts you – with a pulsating light and a warning tone. However, you decide how long is “too long”. Depending on the setting, the door alarm is triggered after 1, 2 or 3 minutes.

Space Box

Accommodate the “big stuff” in your Liebherr: An XL turkey or a multi-layered ice cream cake simply needs more space. Your Liebherr has the Space Box for exactly that purpose: At a generous height of 250 mm, it offers lots of extra space, even for large frozen goods. Helpful for you when storing food flexibly.

Sabbath Mode

On the Sabbath, all activities are at rest – this also applies to electrical appliances. Your Liebherr takes this into account. In Sabbath Mode, all lighting and displays are switched off and there are no noises generated by actions, e.g. alarms. After 80 hours, the Sabbath Mode deactivates.

Frost Protect

Not all freezers are fitted in heated rooms. Some are located in cold garages or sheds. It’s good then that your Liebherr is ideally set up for such a cool environment because all components are designed to operate in ambient temperatures as low as -15 °C.

Vario Space

Looking for somewhere to safely store a multi-tiered ice cream cake until the summer party? No problem for your Liebherr freezer: it knows that sometimes you just need more space. Thanks to Vario Space, you can simply remove individual freezer drawers – and voilà: here’s your extra-high storage space!

Space Box

Accommodate the “big stuff” in your Liebherr: An XL turkey or a multi-layered ice cream cake simply needs more space. Your Liebherr has the Space Box for exactly that purpose: At a generous height of 250 mm, it offers lots of extra space, even for large frozen goods. Helpful for you when storing food flexibly.

Freezer Tray

Do you want your frozen berries to be fresh and firm after defrosting – and to not turn into a compote? The freezer tray is ideal for this type of delicate food. When spread out well on the plastic tray, fruits and herbs freeze quickly and without being squashed. You can easily insert the freezer tray in the freezer drawer and remove it again.

Drawer with comfortable tilting

The top drawer in the freezer is often a bit of a mystery because you just can’t see what’s up there. A simple tilting function on the drawer allows it to be angled downwards when opened. This gives you a complete overview all the time. It also makes it easier to add and remove frozen goods. And the pull-out stop ensures the compartment does not fall out.

Ice Cube tray

The sound of clinking ice cubes falling into a glass is always hard to resist. That is why the ice cube tray in the freezer compartment is an absolute classic. The ice cube tray in your Liebherr allows you to produce 21 ice cubes ready for use. You determine the size of the cubes yourself by the amount of water used.

Energy Saver

Do you want to save energy and money at the same time? Your Liebherr will help you do just that – with the energy-saving mode. When you activate the Energy Saver, the standard temperature increases by two degrees. This means your Liebherr needs even less power – and your food stays optimally fresh.

Replaceable Door Seal

Do you think the door seal on your Liebherr needs to be replaced after a few years? This is very easy to do yourself. The replaceable door seal can be removed in a few simple steps – and the new seal is just as easy to insert. As a result, this part of the refrigerator is always spotless and hygienically clean.

Party Mode

Now you’re ready for the guests to come – because your Liebherr is also in a party mood. Party Mode activates functions such as Super Cool and Super Frost. After 24 hours, your Liebherr automatically returns to its normal mode.

Closing Assistance

Close the door! With your Liebherr, you can be sure that the door is always firmly closed: The closing aid prevents a small gap from remaining open if you close the fridge door a little too softly or a little too hard. This ensures that your food is always stored safely and maintains the optimum shelf-life.

Super Frost

Want to freeze your fresh food in a way that preserves vitamins? Simply activate Super Frost – and the freezer compartment will increase its cooling capacity. In this way, the temperature remains constant when you place in unfrozen food. Super Frost is also energy-saving: if you don’t switch off the function manually, it automatically deactivates itself after 65 hours.

Adjustable Feet

Two adjustable feet mean the appliance can be perfectly fitted and adjusted to its surroundings, e.g. on uneven ground. This means you can be sure that the fridge door closes completely, no heat can enter and no condensation can form. That saves both energy and money.

Display Lock

An illuminated display is a magnet for children’s hands – your Liebherr also knows that. That’s why there is the display lock. It ensures the settings on your refrigerator are not changed unintentionally. You can also, of course, simply deactivate the display lock.

Power Failure Alarm

Your Liebherr is a real guardian angel for your food. In the event of a power failure, it reliably sounds the alarm. Not only do you hear the alarm, but you can also see it. The display shows the highest temperature reached in the freezing compartment. However, you are never alerted unnecessarily. If there is no critical rise in temperature during a brief power failure, the alarm will not go off.

Bottle Timer

Done this before? You place a bottle of wine in the ice compartment so that it chills quickly – and forget about it. This will never happen again with the Bottle Timer: it provides extra fast cooling by activating Super Frost. And as soon as the bottle has reached the optimum temperature, your Liebherr reminds you via the app to take it out of the ice compartment.

Easy Open

Done this before? After putting all the shopping in the freezer you remember an item of food you have forgotten – and have to give the door a good pull to open it again. With your Liebherr, you don’t need to do this. Easy Open means the door can be opened multiple times one after another, conveniently and easily.

Design and materials

  • Interior Fit: ✔
  • Material of adjustable shelves in the freezer compartment —
  • Colour: White
  • Door colour: White
  • Side wall material: steel
  • Handle Recessed grip (both sides, vertical, continuous)

Set up and installation

  • Easy Open: ✔
  • Closing aid: ✔
  • Door hinges: Right reversible
  • Door opening angle: 115°
  • Door seal: Replaceable
  • Height-adjustable feet: 2
  • Transport handles: Front and rear
  • Transport castors at back: ✔
  • Ventilation: Front ventilation
  • Connector cable (length) :2,100 mm

Capacity, Dimensions and Weights

  • Volume, freezer compartments 278 l
    Of which 4-star compartment 277.9 l
  • Exterior dimensions: height/width/depth 185.5 / 59.7 / 67.5 cm
  • Height / Width / Depth (with packaging) 1,929.0 / 615.0 / 767.0 mm
  • Weight (without packaging) 64.5 kg
  • Weight (with packaging) 69.2 kg
  • Total volume *** 277 l

Freezer Compartment

  • Temperature range freezer compartment -15 °C to -28 °C
  • Cooling technology No Frost
  • Freezer compartment position —
  • Defrosting method automatic
  • Freezing capacity in 24 hours according to GS ** 18.00 kg / 24h
  • No. of drawers in freezer compartment 7
  • of which on telescopic rails 0
  • Frost Safe Drawers closed on all sides with transparent front
  • Drawer pull-out system, freezer compartment Integrated drawer guide
  • Drawer with comfortable tilting ✔
  • Interior light, freezer compartment —
  • Vario Space ✔
  • Space Box ✔
  • Ice Maker No
  • Ice Maker safe lighting —
  • Easy Twist-Ice No
  • Ice Tower —
  • Ice cube tray Ice cube tray
  • Number of ice cube trays 1
  • Number of water filters 0
  • Number of cold storage accumulators 0
  • Freezer tray 1
  • Star-rating 4
  • Storage time in case of fault according to GS ** 16 h
Width (mm) 597
Height (mm) 1855
Depth (mm) 675
key information
EAN 4016803056072
Weight (KG) 50.000000
Energy rating E
Energy Consumption (kWh per year) 248
Installation type Freestanding
Refrigeration Unit Type 60cm Upright
Refrigeration Type Freezer
Cooling Technology No Frost
Door Alarm Yes
Ice maker No
Holiday mode No
Suitable for outbuildings Yes
Frost Free Yes
Total capacity (NET) 277
Freezer capacity (NET) 277
Freezer Compartments 7
Freezer Star Rating 4*
Interior Light Yes
Reversible Door Yes
Water Dispenser No
Noise level (dB) 38
Main Colour White
Power cable length 2100 (MM)
Manufacturer warranty 2 Years


Additional information




Energy efficiency class




Net capacity

Energy consumption per year

245 kWh

Noise level

41 dB

Frost Free


Door Hinge

right interchangeable

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