Liebherr Larder Freezer 145cm x 60cm

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Type Of Item : Larder Freezer

Type of Installation : Free Standing

Cooling System : Non-Frost

Defrosting System : Automatic

Freezer Capacity/ 24hours : 16 kg

Volume : 185 L

Number of Drawers : 6

Noise Level : 42 dB

Annual Energy Consumption : 187 kwh




Nofrost System :

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art professional refrigeration technology, Liebherr NoFrost equipment ensures long-term storage of frozen food. Freezing is carried out by means of circulation of the cooled air and removal of excess moisture. As a result, ice does not form in the freezer, and frozen food is not covered with a layer of frost. With the NoFrost system you will forget about the need to defrost the freezer.


Nofrost system

SmartSteel Coating :

The SmartSteel coating is much less likely to show fingerprints and is very easy to clean.


SmartSteel coating

Auto SuperFrost :

The automatic SuperFrost mode makes freezing a simple and energy-saving procedure. The temperature in the freezer quickly drops to -32 °C, thus creating a “cold reserve” necessary for freezing food while preserving vitamins as much as possible. After the freezing process is completed, after a maximum of 65 hours, the freezer returns to normal operation with energy savings.


Auto SuperFrost

Door Open Alarm :

For better food preservation, the open door alarm is triggered after 60 seconds.


Door open alarm

Child Lock Function :

The child lock function prevents the appliance from being accidentally turned off. When the child lock function is enabled, the corresponding symbol is displayed on the MagicEye display.


Child lock function

FrostSafe Containers :

The FrostSafe drawers are particularly tall and feature a closed design. Thanks to this, the containers remain cold longer when the door is opened. The transparent front panel of the container provides an optimal view of the frozen food stored in it.


FrostSafe containers

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Net capacity

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