Liebherr IFNE 3503 Pure – Built-in freezer cm. 56 h 72 – lt. 65

No Frost
When you open the freezer, you want to see frozen goods, but certainly not ice or frost. No Frost protects the freezer compartment from unwanted ice, which also consumes a lot of energy, generating very high costs. No Frost means: you no longer have to defrost the freezer compartment – saving you money, effort and time to devote to other things.Smart Device Box can be retrofitted
Do you want to keep up with the smart management of the home of the future? Your Liebherr is happy to assist you in this: You can upgrade it with a Smart Device Box which will transfer it to the Internet. The Smart Device Box can be installed in no time at all and instantly opens the door to a whole world of digital options for you.

Touch display
Touching is believing: simple and intuitive controls thanks to the touch display that characterizes Liebherr models. All functions are clearly arranged on the display. To select the functions or check the actual temperature of the refrigerator, simply touch them with a finger.

Energy Saver

If you activate the Energy Saver, the standard temperature increases by two degrees. So your Liebherr uses even less energy and your food stays fresh at the optimum temperature.

Super Frost
Do you want to freeze fresh foods preserving their vitamins? Simply activate Super Frost and the freezer compartment will increase its cooling power. Thus the temperature remains constant even when food is introduced at room temperature. Super Frost also means energy efficiency: if it is not deactivated manually, the function will deactivate automatically after 65 hours.

Display lock
A bright display is a magnet for children’s hands – your Liebherr knows that too. For this there is the display lock: it reliably prevents the settings of the refrigerator from being changed inadvertently. Of course, the display lock can also be deactivated.

Power failure alarm
Your Liebherr is a real food guardian angel: if there is a power failure, the alarm will go off one hundred percent. The alarm will not only be acoustic but also optical. The display indicates the actual maximum temperature in the freezer compartment. However, the alarm does not go off unnecessarily: in fact, it does not go off if the increase in temperature caused by a brief power outage does not cause problems.

Door alarm
The door alarm of your Liebherr warns you when too much energy is being used unnecessarily and food could go bad: as soon as the refrigerator door is left open for too long, the alarm goes off with flashing light and acoustic signal. But you decide what “too long” means: The door alarm can go off after 1, 2 or 3 minutes, depending on the setting.

Sabbath Mode
During the Sabbath all activities are suspended – this also applies to electrical equipment. Your Liebherr complies with this rule. In Sabbath Mode all the refrigerator lights and the display are switched off and no noise is heard. Sabbath Mode deactivates after 80 hours.

Vario Space
Do you want to safely store a multi-level ice cream cake? No problem with the Liebherr freezer: he knows that sometimes you just need more space. Thanks to Vario Space, you can easily remove the individual freezer drawers and the intermediate glass shelves underneath (only for appliances of the Peak series), to immediately have extra height available.


Performance and consumption

• Energy efficiency class: E
• Energy consumption in 24 hours: 0.506 kWh/24h
• Energy consumption per year: 185 kWh/a
• Climatic class: SN-T
• Acoustic level: 34dB
• Airborne noise emission class: B
• Maximum absorbed power: 1.3A 133W
• Voltage: 220-240V ~
• Frequency: 50Hz

Command and functions

• Operating unit: Monochrome LC-Display, touch display
• Temperature display: freezer compartment
• Super Frost: adjustable on the appliance and via the app
• Freezer door alarm: adjustable on the appliance and via the app
• Bottle Timer: adjustable via app
• Display lock: adjustable on the device
• Type of control: Touch
• The network solution: retrofittable

Freezer compartment

• Freezer compartment temperature range: -15°C to -28°C
• Cold technology: No Frost
• Defrost: automatic
• Freezing capacity 24h according to GS: 10 kg / 24h
• Freezer compartment drawers: 3
• Frost Safe: Fully closed drawers with transparent front
• Freezer compartment drawer extraction system: Drawer on safety glass
• Vario Space: Yes
• Storage time in case of failure according to GS: 10 h
• Star rating: 4

Design and materials

• Adjustable shelves material: Glass

Assembly and installation

• Type of installation: Recessed
• Self-supporting hinges, maximum weight 14 kg
• Door hinges: reversible to the right
• Door hinge reversion: possible independently
• Door opening angle: 115°
• Door gasket: replaceable
• Height adjustable positioning feet: 2
• Ventilation in the cabinet
• Connector type: Euro
• Connection cable (length): 2,200 mm


• Niche dimensions (height / width / depth): 71.4 – 73 / 56 – 57 / 55.0 cm
• Dimensions (height / width / depth): 71.2 / 55.9 / 54.6 cm
• Weight: 31.6kg
• Total volume: 65 l