Liebherr Fridge Freezer 201x60cm

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Non Frost Technology :

Thanks to brilliant No Frost technology, you’ll never have the hassle of manually defrosting the freezer again. It constantly circulates cold air around the cabinet to stop any icy build ups from forming. This means you won’t have to waste hours scraping away frost, so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Keep ingredients fresh and tasty :

The Duo-Cooling system keeps your fresh and frozen goods at their best. It uses two separate cooling systems for the fridge and freezer, so they both stay at the perfect temperature without needing to spoil fresh food with colder, drier air that can also freeze you fruits and vegetables. This means everything is kept delicious and in the ideal conditions.

Lock in Important Vitamins and Minerals :

The clever Power-Cooling technology creates the perfect environment for your groceries. When you’re back from shopping, just choose this setting to quickly chill the interior. A fan also circulates air inside, so everything is evenly cooled at the same time. This means all your food is kept at its best with those fantastic nutrients preserved for longer.


Complete Control Over the Temperature :

The Digital Temperature Controls offer the most accurate cooling system for your food. You can choose the exact temperatures of the fridge and freezer, and it’ll stay accurate within one degree. So whether it’s deep-freezing meat, or creating the perfect conditions for your dairy, you’ll have no trouble keeping it just right.



Know if Ingredients are Defrosting :

Always know if the door isn’t properly closed with the Door Open Alarm. If you reached in for breakfast half asleep and forget to close it afterwards, an audible sound warns you. So, you can relax knowing ice cream stays frozen and meat and fish stay delicious, and your energy bills stay down too.

Type of Item  :  Fridge Freezer

Type of Installation  :  Free Standing

Energy Label  :  A or E

Warranty  :  5 years

Fridge Volume  :  243.0 L

Freezer Volume  :  95.0 L

Fridge Shelves/Boxes  :  5

Freezer Shelves/Boxes  :  3

Noise Level  :  41.0 dB

Freeze Capacity  :  9.0

Power Failure Autonomy  :  26.0 h

Number of compressors  :  1

Energy Consumption per Year  :  242.0 KWh


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