Cecotec Microwave with Grill

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Type of Item  : Microwave

Model : CECOTEC CE1521 PROCLEAN 3120 20LTR

Capacity : 20L

Colour : White

Warranty  :  2 years




White microwave with grill and Ready2Clean coating for a better cleaning. 3DWave technology, input 1150 W, output 700 W. 20-litre capacity. Elegant design with FullWhite door and metallic details. 6 levels. ProClean 3120 by Cecotec.

  • 20-litre capacity microwave.
  • Inside coated with Ready2Clean, easier to clean because it repels dirt.
  • Elegant design with FullWhite door and metallic details.
  • 3DWave technology, a highly-efficient wave system that completely surrounds ingredients.
  • 700W in 6 power levels.
  • 800-W grill with more efficient halogen heating elements
  • Defrost mode that adapts to all types of foodstuffs.
  • Rotary manual controls.
  • Timer up to 30 minutes.
  • End-of-cooking alarm.

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