Cecotec Air Treatment

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Type of Item  : Air Treatment

Model : Pure Aroma 300 Yang humidifier

Color : Wood dehumidifier

Warranty  :  2 years

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Cecotec Pure Aroma 300 Yang. Ultrasonic humidifier and aroma diffuser, 300 ml.  10-hour timer. 7 LED colours. Aromatherapy function. Ultrasilent.

  • Cecotec 05282
  • Ultrasonic humidifier that helps reducing environmental dryness thanks to its continuous cool-steam flow.
  • It also works as aroma diffuser to help you maintain nice smells and environments at home.
  • Includes a large tank: 300 ml.
  • 10-hour times, time after which it turns automatically off.
  • 7 LED colours, manual or automatic control.  It can be used as night lamp. Each colour’s brightness can be adjusted.
  • Suitable for big rooms.
  • Valid for aromatherapy uses, as essential oils have positive effects on our organism and nervous system.  Its aromatherapy function helps combating a wide range of health problems and reducing its symptoms.
  • Elegant design, wooden colour, adapts to any room.
  • Extremely silent thanks to its ultrasonic technology. It is the perfect complement for babies since it does not produce annoying noises.

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