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Garment steamer, 1400 W, continuous steam 25 g/min, 2 steam modes,
Eco mode, anticalc filter and 19-minute range.

Product details: · Compact and powerful garment steamer that achieves excellent results while your
clothes are still hung. Exclusively designed for creases and delicate clothes.
· Power technology: Great power, 1400 W, for easy and efficient
ironing, crease removal, disinfecting and deodorizing.
· PowerSteam: Technology that produces an optimum and efficient continuous steam of 20 g/min. · 2Modes Steam: It includes 2 continuous-steam modes. 1) Trigger to activate fast ironing on the
most creased zones and 2) continuous mode for wider ironing, without having to press the trigger.
· Anti-Calc System: Filtering system that avoids scale from building up and ensures
a high steam performance, lengthening its service life. You will be able to enjoy
efficient ironing just as the first day thanks to its anti-calc system.
· Fast Steam: Technology that reduces the preheating time to minimum
(35 seconds). Dedicate less time to household chores.
· Great-capacity detachable tank, 280 ml, with transparent window that
provides the iron with an excellent ironing autonomy. You will be able to
iron all your clothes without having to stop to refill the tank.
· Smart AutoOFF: Safety system that turns the iron automatically off when
it is placed upright without being operated for 8 minutes.
· TouchControl: Touch display with LED technology for easy and intuitive usability,
from which you can select normal or eco mode, turn it off and on.

Composition: · Compact garment steamer · Accessory for thick and delicate clothes · Instruction manual

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