Cecotec Chupchup Slow Cooker

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Type of Item  : Chup Chup Matic

Capacity  :  5.5 L

Warranty  :  2 years

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Slow cooker Chup Chup by Cecotec. 5.5-litre capacity, oval ceramic inner pot, glass lid with silicone sealing gasket and full recipe book.

  • Cecotec 02030
  • Elegant slow cooker, perfect for cooking delicious stews, hotpot, vegetable soups, meat, poultry, vegetables, legumes, fish, stocks, roasts and sweets, resulting in intense and excellent textures.
  • Large capacity, 5.5 L, ideal for familiar or group meals and dinners. Its oval ceramic inner pot allows cooking whole pieces, achieving traditional and healthy dishes and helping preserve ingredient’s vitamins and nutrients.
  • The glass lid with silicone sealing allows controlling the cooking process easily and avoids humidity from being released, resulting in high-quality dishes prepared in less time. It includes 2 temperature levels: low and high, for greater adaptability.
  • Low temperature is better for simmering ingredients for hours, and high temperature is for roasting and cooking in half the time. It also has keep warm function, to keep your dishes at the ideal temperature.
  • Its resistant inner pot can be used in ovens. The glass lid and the ceramic inner pot are dishwasher safe, for fast and comfortable cleaning. The inner pot is removable, so you can take it to the table and serve food directly from it. Includes a full recipe book.

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