Beko Steam Pizza Oven 71 Ltrs

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Type of Item : Combi Steam Pizza Pro Oven

Installation : Built In

Color : Dark Inox

Multi-Tray Cooking :  Yes

Number Functions : 17

Capacity : 71 L

Warranty : 5 years













Pizza-style pizza in five minutes

If your homemade pizzas look like mushy pieces of bread with tomato sauce, it’s time for PizzaPro™. You can heat the oven up to 310 ⁰C, so that you can put a pizza on the table in five minutes that looks like it came straight out of the pizzeria. It probably takes longer to convince everyone that it’s not a takeout pizza.



Meat probe for perfect red, rosé or well-done meat

Don’t let undercooked or overcooked meat spoil your day. With CookSense® you no longer have to guess how long the meat has to roast in the oven. You simply insert the probe into the meat and attach the device to the oven wall. It measures the internal temperature and tells you exactly when the meat is red, rosé or well done, so that the result is always perfect.



Lighter and crispier baking

Homemade pastries should be tastier, but how do you get such a nice, crispy crust? SteamAid™ injects steam into the oven cavity to make bread and pastries crispy on the outside and airy on the inside. No more chewy bread or dried out pastries.


Halogen lighting

Clear overview of what’s happening inside

Do you want to see how your casserole is doing, but don’t want to open the door so as not to lose heat? With the halogen lighting you can see the entire oven, so you can keep an eye on your culinary creations with the door firmly closed.


Telescopic racks and plates

Safe and easy removal from the oven

If you regularly struggle to get a heavy dish out of the oven, telescopic racks and shelves make life a lot easier. Thanks to the runner system, you can pull the plate or rack completely out of the oven (or for 2/3 with the partially telescopic version), while leaving your dish standing.


Most important features

Product Type  :  60 cm

Height  :  59.5 cm

Width  :  59.4 cm

Depth  :  56.7 cm

Number of functions  :  17

Display Type  :  TFT Screen

Master volume  :  71 L

Energy class Master volume  :  A

CleanZone™  :  Yes

Steam cleaning  :  SteamShine ®

Type Oven Main Volume  :  Multifunctional

Steam Level Adjustment  :  High / Medium / Low

Type Doorway  :  Drop down

Color  :  Dark Stainless Steel


Types of heating

Oven type  :  Multifunction oven

Number of types of heating  :  17

Thawing  :  Yes

Defrost with steam  :  Yes

Circulating air  :  Yes

Two-sided heat  :  Yes

Pizza function  :  Yes

Steam assisted pizza  :  Yes

Multidimensional Cooking  :  Yes

Grill  :  Yes

Hot air  :  Yes

Convection grill  :  Yes

Eco hot air  :  Yes

Steam cooking with convection grill  :  Yes

Steam cooking with convection grill  :  Yes

Forced air with steam support  :  Yes

Steam cooking with convection  :  Yes

Keep warm  :  Yes

Booster  :  Yes

Small area grill  :  Yes

Steam cooking functions  :  Yes

Preserving, hygiene, heating up, blanching, melting, boiling eggs & proving  :  Let the dough rise, steam-assisted

Bottom heat  :  Yes

Low temperature cooking  :  Yes

Sterilize at 100°C  :  Yes

Boil down  :  Yes

Steam with convection  :  Yes

Steam with hot air  :  Yes



Meat thermometer  :  Meat thermometer for perfect meat preparation: English, medium or well done

Type of telescopic extension  :  Safe and easy pull-out baking sheet rail

Number of baking sheets  :  1

Number of grill grates  :  1

Number of perforated containers  :  1

Number of perforated containers 1/2  :  1

Number of stainless steel sheets 1/2  :  1



Type of lighting  :  Good lighting inside the device

Display type  :  Text LCD

Removable inner glass  :  Yes

number of cooking chambers  :  1

Type of telescopic extension  :  Safe and easy pull-out baking sheet rail

Shelf levels  :  5 levels

Color of the interior  :  Black enamel

Doorway  :  Opening downwards

Color  :  Stainless Steel Fingerprint Free


Performance & consumption

Volume of the cooking chamber  :  71L

Energy efficiency class  :  A

Heat source  :  Electric

Connection value  :  3400W

Tension  :  220 – 240V

Frequency  :  50Hz


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