Beko Gas Cooker White 60cm

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With the electronic spark ignition, you can switch on the 4 burners of the Beko FSG62010DW with 1 snap. The gas stove has 2 normal burners, 1 strong burner, and 1 simmer burner. You prepare vegetables and meat on the normal burners and a matching sauce on the simmer burner. The strong burner is useful for heating large pans such as a soup pot or wok. Prepare several dishes in the oven at the same time thanks to the 4 rack heights and the simultaneous top and bottom heat. For example, put a bowl of vegetables at the top and put sweet potato fries on the supplied baking sheet. Handy, there is a drawer under the oven where you can store your cooking utensils. So you always have the oven gloves on hand.

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