Sharp Semi-Integrated Build In Dishwasher D (A+++) 60cm

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Sharp semi built in Dish Washer 60cm width, 15 setting sets in Inox Colour. Features Advanced Inverter Motor – silent and durable inverter motor with 10 years guarantee, Dual Pro Wash for cleaning in 2 different zones, Delay Timer & Child Lock and 8 programs including Quick Wash 14′, Express 50′and Mini 30′.

With the Dual Pro Wash you no longer need to worry about your dishes. Now you can divide your washing into two zones! You can gently clean delicate dishes in the upper basket, while at the same time using the powerful intensive wash program you can clean pots and dirty dishes in the lower basket.
When time is of the essence, our quick programmes can wash a full load of slightly dirty dishes in 30 minutes, or a dishwasher full of your dirtiest dinnerware in 50 minutes at 60°c. Not only will you save valuable time, but your utility bills will thank you too.
Coupling a durable design with impressive energy efficiency, our brushless Advanced Inverter Motor is built to operate at a lower noise level than standard motors, while also using less energy. The motor also comes with a 10-year guarantee, for extra peace of mind. Functioning in harmony with you and your life, this dishwasher operates at a low noise level, ideal for open plan living.
Sometimes you can’t fit everything you want into your dishwasher because of its inflexible setup. The Cutlery Drawer is an extra level at the top of the dishwashers, which solves this problem. It is the ideal place for cutlery and smaller kitchen utensils like ladles or whisks and can even fit espresso cups. This gives you more flexibility when loading your dishwasher and leaves more space in the bottom basket.
A modern, antibacterial filter made of a material derived from triazole not only eliminates the pathogens settling on it, but above all, it hinders their multiplication inside the dishwasher. The solution also reduces the formation of unpleasant odors. Clean hygiene built into the dishwasher! The 3-part filtration system prevents the growth of mold, fungi and micro-organisms and extends the life of the dishwasher.
Thanks to the “Half load” function, you no longer need to fill the dishwasher to wash and have your utensils easily shiny and immediately available. You can put whatever you want, even half, or less and your dishwasher will consume less water and electricity compared to a regular full load wash. At the same time, it will reduce the washing time, in order to offer them to you again, very clean and shiny immediately. Thus, you always have shiny dishes, perfectly clean, very easy, fast and without unnecessary expenses or delay.
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