Sharp Larder Fridge Dark Inox No Frost With Dispenser 186x60cm


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The Sharp SJLC41CHDAEEU refrigerator cabinet model with its modern design and dark stainless steel finish adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Its large storage volume is ideally organized with shelves and drawers. In addition, it is equipped with multi-airflow technology for even air circulation throughout the refrigerator.

To not waste an inch of space, this refrigerator has a “Space Saver” door so it can be placed directly against the wall. The door simply opens from within the outside of the refrigerator, without protruding. The appliance has a modern, elegant design and standard dimensions (59.5 x 186 x 65 cm) making it easy to install free-standing in any kitchen. Inside, it is equipped with two LED strips on the front on both sides, which provide bright light and pleasantly illuminate the contents of the compartment.

A large, well-organized volume

The large capacity of 390 liters is efficiently distributed over three containers, six shelves and five door compartments. The three containers at the bottom of the refrigerator have different sizes to store fruit, vegetables, meat and fish separately and optimally. You can adjust the humidity in the largest container to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for longer. In addition, this refrigerator also has a zero-degree zone that guarantees optimal storage conditions for fresh meat and fish. In addition to the large door pockets, this device also has an ultra-practical storage rack to store even more bottles horizontally in the main compartment.

Flexible and adaptable

Flexible and adaptable

This refrigerator offers a lot of storage flexibility thanks to the included customizable accessories. The shelves in the door can be placed at different heights to more efficiently store bottles and jars of different sizes. The same goes for the glass shelves, some of which are extendable and others are height-adjustable to optimize your space. Finally, this refrigerator also has a water dispenser in the door, so you always have freshly chilled water at hand. However, it works with a removable water tank, so it is not connected to the water mains.

Even freshness guaranteed

Even freshness guaranteed

Sharp has equipped this device with “Gentle Airflow” air distribution technology, which ensures that air circulates evenly throughout the compartment. The air flow comes from both above and below, keeping the humidity stable and keeping food fresh for longer. This advanced air circulation system ensures optimal cooling of all food in the refrigerator.












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