Sharp 10 Function Black Oven

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The oven with a capacity of 78 liters ensures convenient preparation of meals even for a large family. The grates and trays can be set to any of 7 height levels, and the telescopic guides to 2. This makes it possible to prepare food on 2 levels at the same time. This is a good way to prepare a large amount of food faster at the same time.

The baking function and temperature are selected using 2 stylish knobs. This is the easiest way to quickly set the desired baking parameters. Information about the selected oven functions is visible on the elegant display, not on the knobs. It’s the perfect combination of comfort and minimalist design.

An oven with a steam function allows for successful culinary experiments. Steam is useful not only when baking cakes, pizzas or heating ready meals. It is also a healthy alternative to frying because it makes it easier to prepare vegetables, fish and meat without adding fat. The oven equipped with the AquaBoost+ function automatically selects the appropriate amount of water from the dispenser in the control panel into the oven chamber, from which steam will be generated during baking.

The air curtain protects against a sudden burst of hot air when the oven is opened. Thanks to this, you can safely open the door to check the baking progress or remove the finished dish.

The baking functions have been selected so that baking is most effective. The Sharp oven offers 10 settings, thanks to which you will not only prepare dishes in the traditional static mode (top-bottom), but also bake a perfect pizza, provide an effect similar to grilling, defrost a dish or discover the advantages of steaming.
The steam cleaning function (VapClean) makes it easy to remove even the most difficult dirt without using detergents. Just pour about 200 ml of water on the oven base. The steam cleaning function will soften the dirt in less than an hour, which can be easily removed with a damp cloth. This is an ecological and cheap solution that will keep the oven clean without any problems. For your convenience, you can remove the oven door glass for cleaning.
The telescopic guide makes removing a hot and heavy platter from the oven no longer a problem. Thanks to the guide, you can slide the entire rack with the hot dish out of the area of ​​the hot oven and remove it safely without worrying about touching the hot elements. Using the telescopic guide not only makes it easier to load and remove heavy dishes, but also makes operating the oven safer.
Type ?
Front ?
Capacity ?
Guides ?
Control ?
The inside of the oven
  • Enamel


Number of oven functions ?
Convection air circulation ?
  • Yes
Grill ?
  • Yes
Rotisserie ?
  • NO
Temperature probe
  • NO
Display ?
  • Yes
  • Yes
Cleaning ?

Energy label

Power ?
Supply voltage
  • 220-240V
Energy class ?

Physical parameters

Width ?
Construction width ?
Oven capacity [l] ?
Depth ?
Functions ?
Height ?
  • Vestel
  • KA-74Z68BNH-PL
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