Sharp 7kg A++ Premium Tumble Dryer

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Type of Item  :  Tumble Dryer

Type of Installation  :  Free Standing

Colour of Door  :  Black

Warranty : 3 years

Number of Sensors  :  8

Energy Efficiency :  A

Quick Dry  :  20 Minute

Type of Dryer  :  Premium



LED Display :Designed to keep you up to speed with the progress of your laundry allowing you to get on with your day knowing exactly when everything is going to be clean and fresh.

Child Lock :Keep your children safe from accidentally using the microwave with the easy to set up Child Lock.


8 Sensor Drying System :SHARP Tumble Dryer considers safety first. With the 8 Sensor Technology, SHARP offers you the safest Tumble Dryer ever. Everything is under control with this technology.

Two Way Tumbling(Tumble Dryer) :

Bubble Drum :Tumble Dryers are not just about getting clothes dry, but also about looking after them. The Bubble Drum is designed to be as kind to your clothes as possible while still getting them brilliantly dry.

Delay Timer :Program your tumble dryer so that it starts at a time that suits you.

Stainless Steel Drum :Our rust-resistant stainless steel drum is designed to last. No matter what sort of laundry you want to dry, the surface of the drum will remain shiny, smooth and gentle on your clothes

Drain Hose :The drain hose is a default feature on Sharp Tumble Dryers. You don’t need to empty the water tank at the end of each cycle when you can directly pump it out via the drain hose.

Wave Cabinet :The specially designed cabinet increases the rigidity of the machine, and in the process, reduces noise levels.


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