Liebherr Larder Fridge

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Type of Refrigerator : Larder Fridge With Easy Fresh

Type of Installation  :  Free Standing

Color : Black

Cooling Type : Non- Frost

Total Volume : 399 L

Warranty : 5 years





 Easy fresh:

Our Easy Fresh safe is the guarantee for market freshness in your home. Whether unpackaged fruit, vegetables or fruit: everything is stored optimally here. Thanks to the tight seal, the food increases the humidity in the safe. This keeps the food fresh for a long time.


Touch display :

Really touching: the touch display allows you to operate your Liebherr easily and intuitively. All functions are clearly arranged on the display. For example, you can easily select the functions or check the current temperature of your cooling device with a light tap of your finger.


Screen lock :

A luminous display is a magnet for children’s hands – your Liebherr knows that too. That’s why the display lock is there: It reliably prevents the settings on your refrigerator from being changed unintentionally. Of course, you can also simply disable the screen lock



Pedestal Concept :

Do you want your refrigerator to be powerful and convenient – ​​but also sustainable? Then a Liebherr is made for you. Because our Blu Performance technology makes it an all-rounder: it offers extra volume and cooling capacity – but uses particularly little energy. And listen: you hear almost nothing. Because your Liebherr is extremely quiet despite its high performance.



Night Mode :

Your Liebherr wishes you a good night – and ensures that you are undisturbed: because in Night Mode it switches off all tones and noises. And the Ice Maker also remains as quiet as a mouse. It also dims the interior lights so that you are greeted by a soft light when you open the fridge at night.




Bottle Rack

Would you like a secure storage area for your drinks or food? And still want to reach them easily? Our door racks offer you both. They are height-adjustable and therefore adapt to your needs. The movable and removable bottle holder is also practical: your bottles are always safe.



Super cool :

Do you want your fridge to keep the right temperature, even if you’ve just put sun-warmed market purchases in it? This is a case for Super Cool: once activated, your Liebherr increases its performance until the fresh food is as cool as the rest of the contents. After that, Super Cool switches off automatically – after 12 hours at the latest


Door alarm :

The door alarm on your Liebherr makes sure that you don’t use energy unnecessarily and don’t spoil food: As soon as the refrigerator door is left open for too long, it alerts you – with a pulsing light and a warning tone. But you decide what is “too long”: Depending on the setting, the door alarm goes off after 1, 2 or 3 minutes.



Energy Saver :

Would you like to save energy and money at the same time? Your Liebherr supports you with this – with the energy-saving mode. If you activate the Energy Saver, the standard temperature increases by two degrees. This means your Liebherr needs even less electricity – and your food stays perfectly fresh.



Cleaning Mode :

Until now, when cleaning the fridge you had to make a decision: switch it off to save energy? Or leave it on for a better view? The Cleaning Mode frees you from this dilemma: The cooling switches off while the lighting stays on. This is how you can clean your Liebherr in a relaxed manner.



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