Liebherr Fridge Commercial Silver 125x60cm

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Brand Liebherr
Model FKVSL 2613
Series products FKV 2643
Energy (kWh/year) 358
Energy (kWh/24h) 0,98
Efficiency class
Efficiency index (%) 27,2
Temperature class K4
Climate class 3 / CC1
Cooling Forced-air
Noise level (dB) 48
Refrigerant R600a
Temperature range (°C) +1…+15
Lighting LED
Regulation and display mechanical /digital outside
Total gross volume (l) 250
Total net volume (l) 176
Height (mm) 1’265
Width (mm) 597
Depth (mm) 662
Weight (kg) 60,0
Comments door closes automatically
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The Liebherr refrigerator FKVSL 2613-20 with circulating air cooling is ideal for quickly cooling down freshly brought goods, such as a large number of beverage bottles. The circulating air cooling of the Liebherr refrigerator creates a constant temperature in the white plastic interior.

The ventilation system is stopped when the door is opened to keep the cold inside and thereby save valuable energy. The inner container is equipped with various ribs to adjust the height of the grates to the stored goods. The door of the Liebherr refrigerator can of course also be locked using a robust lock . Temperature control is done mechanically. The Liebherr refrigerator with circulating air cooling is defrosted automatically to ensure optimal functionality at all times.

Digital temperature display: The digital temperature display shows the internal temperature of the cooling device to the nearest degree. This means operators and users can quickly get an overview of the device temperature.
Circulating air cooling: Highly efficient fans ensure that freshly stored goods are cooled down quickly and an even cooling temperature throughout the entire interior.
Efficient refrigeration system: Based on decades of experience in the field of refrigeration technology combined with continuous research, Liebherr guarantees the excellent quality of the refrigeration system. The use of high-quality compressors, condensers, Evaporator and other refrigeration components ensure both a significant reduction in energy consumption and a reduction in the operating costs of Liebherr devices.
Swing Line: The elegant Swing Line design with side light edges makes these devices the first choice for the highest design demands. The elegantly curved design makes the Liebherr devices a visual highlight in a professional environment. With a handle profile integrated across the entire door height, the Swing Line doors are ergonomic, easy to open and particularly easy to clean.
Environmentally friendly refrigerant: The refrigerants R600a and R 290 are environmentally friendly because they have a very low greenhouse effect and no ozone depletion potential. These refrigerants have therefore almost completely replaced the previously used refrigerants R134a and R404a. All Liebherr impulse and storage chests are designed with R600a or R 290 and are characterized by excellent energy efficiency, which improves your carbon footprint and promotes sustainable action.
Interchangeable door stop: The devices are factory-equipped with a right-hand door stop. With the option of changing the door hinge, the device can always be optimally placed in the installation area and adapted to individual needs.

The Liebherr refrigerator with circulating air cooling comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The FKVSL 2613 has the same technical data as the FKVSL 2612, the difference lies in the LED Lighting on the Liebherr FKVSL 2613, while the Liebherr FKVSL 2612 only has a fluorescent light.

  • Liebherr refrigerator FKVSL 2613-20
  • Circulating air cooling
  • White plastic inner casing
  • Ventilation system
  • Inner container with ribs
  • Lockable
  • Temperature control mechanical
  • Automatic defrost
  • LED lighting
  • 2 year guarantee
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