Liebherr Built-In Fridge Freezer Plus No Frost 177x56cm

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Liebherr ICNe5133 Fully Integrated (Cabinet) 178cm Fridge Freezers No Frost
Easy Fresh
Ice Maker (Water Tank)
Soft System
3 Freezer Drawers
Door on Door
E energy rating
177.0 x 55.9 x 54.6
183 / 71 Capacity

No Frost
When you open your freezer, you want to see frozen food – and certainly not ice and frost. No Frost protects the freezer compartment from unwanted icing, which consumes a lot of energy and can be expensive. No Frost means no more tedious and time-consuming defrosting of the freezer compartment, more time for other things – and saving money.
Ice Maker with water tank
The Ice Maker with water tank is an innovative solution if the piped water is of inadequate quality or is unavailable. The tank is removable for conveniently replenishing the water.
Easy Fresh
The guarantee of market freshness in the home is our Easy Fresh-Safe. Whether it’s unpackaged vegetables or fruit, this ensures optimal storage for everything. Thanks to the air-tight closure, the food causes the humidity in the safe to rise. This keeps the food fresh for a long time.
Duo Cooling
Duo Cooling uses two completely separate refrigeration circuits to ensure no air is exchanged between the fridge and freezer compartments. The food neither dries out nor is odour transferred. This means throwing less away, shopping less often, but saving more and greater enjoyment.
Retrofittable Smart Device Box
Want to be prepared for the future of the Smart Home? Your Liebherr will be happy to help. You can retrofit it with a Smart Device Box which will connect your Liebherr to the Internet. The Smart Device Box can be installed in just a few steps and will open up the whole world of digital possibilities to you today.
Touch display
Fingertip control: the touch display enables easy and intuitive operation of your Liebherr. All functions are clearly arranged on the display. By gently tapping a finger, for example, you can easily select the functions or check the current temperature of your refrigerator.

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