Liebherr Built-In Fridge Freezer No Frost 177x55cm

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Data sheet

EAN 4016803042853
Model SICND 5153
Line Prime
Category Refrigerator with freezer
Type Double door
Type of collection Column recessed

Side by side

Built-in measure 178 x 56 cm
Opening Hinges on the left

Self-supporting hinges


Height 178 cm
Width 56 cm
Energetic class D
Capacity 254 L
Fridge capacity 184 L
Freezer capacity 70 L
Cooling capacity Fast cooling

Super frost

Absorption 181 kW
Defrost No frost
Noisiness 34 db

Liebherr SICNd 5153 Prime – Built-in refrigerator with freezer cm. 56 h 177 – lt. 254

Side-by-side configuration
Whether next to each other or on top of each other: your equipment can be positioned modularly according to individual needs. This way you can create your own storage centre by combining a totally Bio Fresh fridge, freezer, wine cellar or fridge. The usual quality from Liebherr: a special technology in the top panel and side walls prevents condensation from forming between the equipment and effectively protects the furniture.

Touch & Swipe display
With a touch you get what you want: with the Touch & Swipe display you will carry out the commands of your refrigerator in a simple and intuitive way. To select functions such as “Super Cool” just press and touch the controls on the colour display. And you can also adjust the temperature with the same ease. What happens if you don’t intervene directly on the display? In this case it will show you the actual temperature.

No Frost
When you open the freezer, you want to see frozen produce, but certainly not ice or frost. No Frost protects the freezer compartment from unwanted ice, which also consumes a lot of energy generating very high costs. No Frost means: you will no longer have to defrost the freezer compartment – saving money, effort and time to dedicate to other things.

Easy Fresh
The Easy Fresh drawer helps you preserve the freshness of newly purchased products at home. Whether unpackaged fruit or vegetables: everything is stored optimally here. Thanks to the hermetic seal, the food increases the humidity in the drawer, preserving the freshness of the food for a long time.

Duo Cooling
No air exchange between the refrigerator compartment and the freezer compartment thanks to the two completely independent refrigeration circuits that characterize Duo Cooling. The food thus preserves its freshness and no odours pass through. In other words: less waste, less frequent purchases but, at the same time, greater savings and better food preservation.

Smart Device Box can be integrated later
Do you want to be up to date for the smart management of the home of the future? Your Liebherr will gladly assist you with this: you can upgrade it with a Smart Device Box which will transfer it to the Internet. The Smart Device Box can be installed quickly and immediately opens the doors to the whole world of digital options.

Light Tower
Enjoy the effects produced by the light in the internal compartment: the Light Towers give a luminous imprint to all foods and are arranged in such a way as to completely illuminate the refrigerator with diffused light. Since the Light Towers are integrated flush into the sides, you will have more space available for food.

Rear wall in Smart Steel
The rear wall finished in elegant Smart Steel gives your Liebherr a high-quality touch. But not only that: your food will thank you for it. Stainless steel is in fact suitable for food use and, therefore, hygienic. Smart Steel also reduces the visibility of fingerprints – thus enhancing the aesthetic character of your refrigerator.

Soft System
From breakfast to midnight snacks – there are many temptations that lead us to open and close the refrigerator. And with Liebherr this also has its pleasant sides: thanks to the Soft System, the refrigerator door closes gently and safely, easily and silently. Bottles placed in the internal door remain firmly in place – without rattling or swinging.

Power Cooling system
Do you want an almost uniform distribution of cold in the refrigerator? The Power Cooling system takes care of this: the powerful and, at the same time, silent fan efficiently distributes the cold air throughout the fridge compartment.

Led illumination
The LED freezer compartment lighting sheds pleasant light in the freezer drawers. This time all you need is a quick look to find the product you are looking for. For space reasons we have placed the elegant low energy consumption LED group above the drawers.

Vario Space
Do you want to safely store a multi-tiered ice cream cake? No problem with the Liebherr freezer: he knows that sometimes you just need more space. Thanks to Vario Space, you can easily remove the individual freezer drawers and the intermediate glass shelves underneath, to immediately have extra height space available.

Vario Safe
Who doesn’t want a practical and tidy arrangement of those tiny food products, such as yoghurts, jars of jam or various tubes? That’s why there’s Vario Safe in your Liebherr. Vario Safe not only creates order, but is also extremely variable. Simply place the Vario Safe two-height adjustable drawer wherever you prefer in the refrigerator.

Vario Box
Where is the yeast? Where did I put the mustard tube? The Vario Boxes help you to find even the smallest things in the refrigerator easily: they ensure clear and tidy organization in the internal door. Furthermore, since they are transparent, you can immediately see what’s inside. They are easily removable and, thanks to the locking device, they cannot fall.

Plan for three bottles
Don’t worry, the bottles won’t move an inch. With the three-table top, the bottles will remain stationary in a horizontal position in the refrigerator waiting to be used. The bottle shelf can be placed on any glass shelf and is therefore very flexible. And if you need additional space, simply remove a shelf from the refrigerator.

Door stop device
Do you need a safe surface for drinks or other food? And what can you access easily? Our height-adjustable door stops have both properties – thanks to safety glass shelves and stainless steel sides. And the mobile and removable support of the bottles ensures their perfect balance.

Divisible glass top
When you put a jug or tall container in the refrigerator, you don’t want to have to remove an entire glass top to create space. And actually, you can do without it. In fact, there is a divisible glass top: All you need to do is slide the front half of the glass top under the rear half. This way you will be able to store taller containers at the front in the refrigerator, without having to sacrifice space for other foods.

Practical height adjustment for glass tops
Do you need to put a large container in the refrigerator? In this case you just need to adjust the height of the glass shelves. And, given the convenience of height adjustment, this will happen quickly and individually – even with food stacked on top of each other.

Energy Saver
If you activate Energy Saver, the standard temperature increases by two degrees. So your Liebherr consumes even less energy and your food stays fresh at the optimal temperature.

Super Frost
Do you want to freeze fresh foods while preserving their vitamins? Simply activate Super Frost and the freezer compartment will increase its cooling power. Thus the temperature remains constant even when introducing food at room temperature. Super Frost also means efficiency in terms of energy: if it is not deactivated manually, the function will automatically deactivate after 65 hours.

Display lock
A light display is a magnet for children’s hands – your Liebherr knows this too. This is what the display lock is for: it reliably prevents the refrigerator settings from being inadvertently changed. Obviously the display lock can also be deactivated.

Power failure alarm
Your Liebherr is a real guardian angel of food: if the power goes out, the alarm will go off one hundred percent. The alarm will not only be acoustic but also optical. The display indicates the actual maximum temperature in the freezer compartment. However, the alarm does not go off unnecessarily: in fact, it does not go off if the increase in temperature caused by a brief power cut does not cause problems.

Holiday Mode
Are you leaving? Then send your Liebherr on holiday too: in Holiday Mode the fan and the Super Cool function are deactivated and the refrigerator regulates the temperature at +15 °C. This way you save energy and avoid bad smells. The freezer compartment obviously remains switched on.

Super Cool
Do you want the refrigerator to maintain the optimal temperature, even after loading it with products just purchased at the market and still at room temperature? This is a case for Super Cool: once the function is activated, your Liebherr will increase its power until the newly purchased food has reached the same temperature as all the others. The Super Cool then switches off automatically – after 12 hours at the latest.

Door alarm
The door alarm on your Liebherr warns you when too much energy is being consumed unnecessarily and food could go bad: as soon as the refrigerator door is left open for too long, the alarm is triggered with flashing light and acoustic signal. But you decide what “too long” means: The door alarm can go off after 1, 2 or 3 minutes, depending on the setting.

Sabbath Mode
On the Sabbath all activities are suspended – this also applies to electrical equipment. Your Liebherr abides by this rule. In Sabbath Mode all the refrigerator lights and the display are off and no noise can be heard. Sabbath Mode turns off after 80 hours.

Space for the baking tray
Do you want to keep your homemade tart fresh? Or ready-made pizza, to be baked at a later time? Simply slide the baking tray into your Liebherr – it has plenty of room to hold it. Particularly practical: you can insert and remove the tray by opening the door at 90°.

Compartment drawer
Practical to extract and insert: the compartment drawer offers even more space. And when it is extracted, its movement is light because it is housed on telescopic guides. The same lightness and silence that characterizes its closure.


Performance and consumption

• Energy efficiency class: D
• Energy consumption per year: 181 kWh/a
• Climate class: SN-T
• Noise level: 34 dB
• Refrigerant: R 600a
• Maximum absorbed power: 1.4 A 183 W
• Voltage: 220-240V ~
• Frequency: 50-60 Hz

Control and functions

• Control unit: 2.4“ TFT colour display, Touch & Swipe display
• Number of temperature zones: 2
• Number of adjustable refrigeration circuits: 2
• Temperature display: refrigerator compartment, freezer compartment
• Super Cool: adjustable on the device and via app
• Super Frost: adjustable on the appliance and via the app
• Refrigerator door alarm: adjustable on the appliance and via the app
• Freezer door alarm: adjustable on the appliance and via the app
• Bottle Timer: adjustable via app
• Display lock: adjustable on the device
• The network solution: can be integrated later

Refrigerator compartment

• Refrigerator compartment temperature range that can be set: +2°C to +9°C
• Humidity regulation: Duo Cooling
• Refrigerator compartment climate zones: Easy Fresh
• Defrost: automatic
• Recirculating air cooling: Yes
• Fresh Air filter: in the valve
• Refrigerator compartment drawer extraction system: partially extractable telescopic drawers
• Soft System: Yes
• Internal lighting in the refrigerator compartment: light panel on both sides
• Number of refrigerator compartment support grids: 6, of which 5 are adjustable in height, 1 of which are divisible
• Vario Safe: Yes
• Bottle storage: additional, shaped, removable shelf for 3 bottles
• Bottle shelf: 1
• Number of canning shelves: 2
• Vario Box: 2, removable
• Butter dish: Yes
• Egg cup: variable
• Door stop device: Bottle and preserve shelves
• Height-adjustable door shelves: gradual adjustment

Freezer compartment

• Freezer compartment temperature range: -15°C to -26°C
• Cold technology: No Frost
• Freezer compartment position: bottom
• Defrost: automatic
• 24 hour freezing capacity: 6 kg/24 hours
• Storage time in case of failure: 9 h
• Freezer compartment drawers: 3
• Frost Safe: Completely closed drawers with transparent front
• Freezer compartment drawer extraction system: Drawer on safety glass
• Led illumination
• Vario Space: Yes
• Ice cube tray with lid: 1
• Cold accumulators: 2
• Star rating: 4

Design and materials

• Dry back panel: Yes
• Rear drywall material: stainless steel with Smart Steel
• Door shelf material: glass with stainless steel edge
• Material of the shelves, refrigerator compartment: glass
• Door material: steel
• Freezer compartment adjustable shelves material: glass
• Shelf design inside the door: Premium Glass Line

Assembly and installation

• Mounting type: integrated
• Door assembly: self-supporting hinges, maximum weight 18 kg and 12 kg
• Door hinging: reversible to the left
• Door hinge reversal: possible independently
• Door opening angle: 115°
• Door seal: replaceable
• Height-adjustable positioning feet: 2
• Levelling guides: 2
• Carry handles: front and rear
• Ventilation: ventilation in the cabinet
• Connection cable (length): 2,000 mm


• Fridge-freezer dimensions (height/width/depth): 177 / 55.9 / 54.6 cm
• Niche dimensions (height/width/depth): 177.2 – 178.8 / 56 – 57 / 55 cm
• Weight: 70.10 kg
• Total volume: 254 l
• Refrigerator compartment volume: 184 l
• Freezer compartment volume: 70 l, of which 69.9 l in the 4-star compartment












































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