Liebherr No Frost Bio Fresh Fridge Freezer Inox 201 x 70 cm

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Fridge-freezer combination with Bio Fresh and No Frost

External dimensions: height / width / depth 201 / 70 / 66.5 cm
Total volume 392 litres
Noise level 36dB
Ice Maker No
Networking solution Can be retrofitted

Blu Performance

More volume in the interior for food, economical and energy-efficient operation, quiet and comfortable to use and with excellent design: Liebherr’s Blu Performance devices set new accents and standards in the area of ​​cooling and freezing.

Bio Fresh

Bio Fresh guarantees the perfect climate for super-long freshness. At a temperature just above 0°C and the ideal humidity, fruit and vegetables, meat and fish retain their healthy vitamins.

No Frost

With No Frost, the frozen food is frozen using cooled circulating air and the humidity is removed. This means that the freezer compartment always remains ice-free and the food can no longer freeze.

Duo Cooling

Thanks to two completely separate cooling circuits, Duo Cooling ensures that there is no exchange of air between the fridge and freezer compartments. The food does not dry out and no smell is transferred. And that means: throw away less, shop less often, but save and enjoy more.

Smart Device

For Liebherr devices with the “Smart Device” logo, the Smart Device Box enables device control and use via mobile devices. The Smart Device Box can be ordered as an accessory. Some devices already have the Smart Device Box integrated; this can be recognized by the “i” in the device name – for example “KBi 4350”.

2.4” touch display

The high-resolution and high-contrast 2.4” touch display is mounted behind the door and allows intuitive temperature setting.

Warranty: 5 years


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