Cecotec Stand Fan Energy Silence Power Connected White

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Energy Silence 530 Power Connected

Energy Silence 530 Power Connected Black by Cecotec. Pedestal fan with 5 blades, 50 W, copper motor and 3 speeds. Adjustable to 110 or 135 cm. 7.5-hour timer. Remote control.

  • PowerFlow: Maximum power that ensures a great air flow, 50 W.
  • Energy Silence Technology: Instant profound feeling of fresh air with maximum silence and comfort.
  • 3Speed Function: 3 operating speeds to adjust air flow intensity to each moment.
  • 3Modes Pro: Adapts air modes to your needs. Breeze, Eco and Sleep.
  • Total Control: The fan is completely adjustable thanks to its telescopic bar, adjustable in height from 110 to 135 cm, adapts to every user and situation.
  • Copper Engine: Exclusive motor made of 100 % high-efficiency copper, completely reliable and maximum durability. It incorporates ThermoSafe security system to lengthen the fan’s service life and to avoid incidents and faults.
  • Cool Timer: Programmable timer, up to 7.5 minutes, time after which the fan turns automatically off.
  • SmartControl: Smart remote control thanks to its remote control and its LCD display for an intuitive and easy use.
  • RotateWind: Blade-oscillation mode to create a greater air flow angle and to offer a wider freshness area.
  • AirFlow5: System that consists of 5 blades 40 cm/16” diameter, to ensure maximum and efficient fresh air flow. Enjoy maximum freshness and minimum consumption.
  • Health & Safety: The fan complies with environmental safety and protection current legislation, so you can take care of your people and your environment.
  • Elegant Design: Well-cared and elegant design that adapts to your home’s decoration. Adjustable and light.
  • Security System: Safety grid, blades made of semisoft AS material and solid and stable base.
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