Cecotec Mini Cooling 4L Habana Black 12V-220V

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  • Good capacity: 4 L capacity so you can store your drinks, food or whatever you want.
  • Compatible with cars and caravans: take the fridge with you everywhere and keep your drinks and products cold on all your trips.
  • Heating function: it has a thermostat with a maximum temperature of up to 65 ºC.
  • Easy and comfortable transportation: the design and materials of the refrigerator will allow you to transport it without any problem.
  • Silent: choose the silent level of the mini refrigerator and eliminate noise.
  • Regulate the temperature: set the temperature of the refrigerator between 7 ºC and 65 ºC.
  • Cooling function: cools down to a temperature of 7ºC to preserve your drinks and soft drinks to perfection.
  • 12 V-220 V operation: it has a power inverter from 12 V to 220 V that changes the voltage from direct current to alternating current, allowing you to use the refrigerator in your vehicle without problems.
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