Cecotec GrandHeat 2000 Microwave 20 Lt. Capacity

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  • Microwave without digital plate of 20 L capacity.
    • 700 W of power to cook or heat any food with the microwave function.
    • Compact size but having a flat cavity without the turntable, it allows you to make the most of its interior space, being able to use larger containers with different shapes.
    • Ease of cleaning as it does not have a turntable and the base is flat.
    • Defrost mode by time so that food defrosts quickly and evenly, preserving its original texture and freshness.
    • Timer up to 60 minutes.
    • The control panel has a digital display and buttons.
    • Ceramic coated interior easier to clean that repels dirt.
    • Elegant black design to fit perfectly in any kitchen.
    • The door opens easily with a handle.
    • Final buzzer with reminder every 2 minutes until you turn it off.
    • It has a child safety lock so that its use is not dangerous.
    • Measurements (Length x Width x Height):
      • Internal: 29.4 x 33.5 x 18 cm
      • External: 45 x 40.3 x 27.5 cm
      • has no plate

Cecotec GrandHeat 2000 Microwave 20L Capacity

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