Cecotec Conga WinDroid 9701 Window Cleaning Robot Mop Square Design

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Automatic glass cleaning:
The Conga WinDroid 970 window cleaner robot is the perfect solution to keep the smooth windows and surfaces of your home flawless without having to make any effort. With Windroid, you’ll see it clearly.

The robot that descales:
It incorporates the latest technology in window cleaners to go beyond surface cleaning. A clear example of this and the strong point of the Conga WinDroid 970 is its Smart Mopping Vibrator, a vibrating superior mop, which manages to descale the most difficult dirt through intensive rubbing.

The most intense mode:
Another key point that makes it worthy of its title as a descale robot is Loop Mode. Select this mode when the dirt is embedded and requires even more intense cleaning. Conga WinDroid 970 will pass 10 times over that specific point and will destroy the dirt, leaving the glass shiny.

Intelligent navigation:
Intelligence achieves great things. And in technology it makes our lives much easier. iTech WinSquare is how we designate WinDroid’s intelligent navigation. The robot is able to calculate the ideal route, detect the limits and completely clean the surface.

Hurry edges and corners:
Square Design proclaims the square shape with which WinDroid 970 has been designed, with a clear mission. With this design, it does not forgive the corner or edge, which allows you to achieve perfect results autonomously.

Clean and dry at the same time:
Advance Clean 5 technology is a 5-stage cleaning. The robot moistens, descals, drains, rubs and dries, achieving a professional finish without effort.

5 cleaning modes:
Select from its 5 automatic cleaning modes to eliminate dirt in any position. In addition, at the end, you will return to the point where it started. The N mode performs a horizontal cleaning movement, Z, it does it vertically, this mode is ideal if there are small obstacles on the surface, such as cranks or knobs, since the robot detects them and continues cleaning. We have already talked about Loop mode, it will perform an intense cleaning, passing 10 times over the same point. The Area mode is very useful if you want to delimit a cleaning area, since the robot will only clean to the right from the point where it is placed. We also have the option to select the Manual mode, handling the robot as we like from the remote control.

Clean glass and smooth surfaces:
Discover what Windroid 970 can do with your screens, mirrors, doors, windows, walls… Think about your home, I’m sure you’ll think of a lot of ideas to take advantage of it far beyond the windows and leave your house pristine without any effort.

Extra Power Suction:
The suction power of your pump ensures its vertical position and ensures that the robot remains attached to the glass.

Anti-fall technology:
In addition to the suction power to adhere to the glass already mentioned in the previous point, it has 4 more safety systems to prevent it from falling. Uninterrupt-stop power supply system, fall control algorithm, vacuum control and rope with safety suction cup.

Press a button and show off crystals:
Conga WinDroid 970 includes remote control. You can remotely control the robot and clean the windows of the house by pressing a button, it’s that easy.


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