Cecotec Air purifier

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Type of Item  : Air Treatment

Model : Air purifier with 400 CADR

Colour : White

Warranty  :  2 years

Cecotec 05621 – TotalPure 5000 Connected

Air purifier with 400 CADR, 130 m3 coverage area, LED display and Wi-Fi control.

  • Great CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate), capable of filtering and cleaning 400 m3/h of the room’s air.
  • Its 3 filtering processes through the pre-filter, active carbon filter and high-efficiency filter minimise the amount of toxic or harmful particles present in air.
  • Its Wi-Fi control through Smartphone allows setting different configurations of the purifier and checking the measured data.
  • Its large coverage area of 130 m3 turns this purifier into the perfect tool to eliminate harmful particles contained in air and to clean your rooms’ air.
  • The purifier features a 2.5 PM sensor and a concentration sensor of polluting particles which are harmful to people, especially those that come from industrial emissions.
  • Using the information obtained through this sensor, the purifier shows the air quality in a 4-colour scale, with blue being the higher quality and red the lower one.
  • Its LED display shows many data in real time, which allows observing how the concentration of harmful particles in the air you breathe decreases.
  • The touch control panel located on its upper part allows setting manually different operating functions.
  • The 4 speed settings of this purifier (Eco, Low, Medium and High) allow adapting it according to each situation’s requirements.
  • The purifier counts on a 8-hour times, and can be set for 1, 4, 8 hours or scheduled to automatically turn off.
  • The Sleep mode allows purifying air while speed and dB are reduced to minimum, therefore it can be run during rest times.
  • The Auto mode adapts the purifier’s air according to the quality of air at each specific moment, and therefore according to the need to purify air.
  • It has a built-in thermometer in order to measure temperature in real time, which is shown on the display.
  • It also has a hygrometer, in order to show environmental humidity on the display.
  • When the filter is full of pre-filtered harmful and toxic particles, the “reset filter” icon will light up, indicating it must be replaced.
  • Its DC motor maximises efficiency throughout the purification process and enables a better control over speeds and modes.
  • 30 W are enough to ensure a proper purifier operating and low energy consumption.
  • The purifier emits only 65 dB, therefore its operating sound is low, even more when Sleep mode is set.
  • The purifier is also equipped with a child safety lock, preventing them from misusing the device and from changing previous settings.
  • Its elegant design suits perfectly any type of room at home.

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