Cecotec Big Dry 9000 Professional Black Dehumidifier

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20 L/day dehumidifier.

  • Great dehumidification power of up to 20 L/day, which greatly reduces the concentration of humidity in the environment to generate greater well-being and avoid possible deterioration of furniture or the appearance of diseases caused by humidity.
  • Removable tank with a large capacity of 4.5L to reduce the number of emptyings and thus increase operating time and comfort.
  • Wi-Fi control from your smartphone that allows you to configure the operation of the dehumidifier remotely.
  • It can dehumidify a volume of up to 250 m3/h (rooms up to 90 m2), so its use is ideal for offices, offices, lounges…
  • Warning function for full tank to avoid overflows and achieve lower energy consumption.
  • Allows you to select the desired ambient humidity percentage between 40% and 80% to achieve maximum well-being.
  • LED display to display the temperature and the current ambient humidity percentage.┬áTouch controls for easy and intuitive handling.
  • Programmable timer up to 12 hours with auto-off.┬áSelect the desired time and forget about humidity.
  • Select between its two dehumidification speeds, low or high, to adapt it to each situation in different environments.
  • Its silent operation allows it to be used at any time of the day, even with sleeping babies.
  • Air filter to prevent the possible entry of large particles, achieving better air quality.
  • Elegant and clean design with smooth lines that will decorate any part of the home.
  • Wheels and handle to be transported between different rooms or spaces comfortably.


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