Cecotec Bamba Ioni Care 5300 Maxi Aura Black

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• The new-generation, professional and powerful AC motor, 2200 W.

• Real Ion: Act on hair leaving it shinier and more moisturised. They also enhance natural hair’s anti-frizz features.

• Thanks to its great flow rate, hair dries fast and evenly, and colour and brightness are not damaged.

• Pro style function takes total care of your hair by sealing cuticles, resulting in ultra-shiny finish.

• Includes precision nozzle for precise drying and total volume control, for your hairstyles to look professional. • The maxi-volume diffuser offers greater volume for your roots and achieves more defined, flexible and natural curls. Professional results.

• HairCare technology. Its protection against overheating system ensures an always-safe hair and guarantees your hair will not loose shine and will remain flexible.

• Cool-shot function. The cool air flow helps prevent hair damage by sealing cuticles rapidly, and moreover helps your hairstyles look perfect for longer.


• Product

• Concentrator nozzle

• Diffuser

• Instruction manual


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