Cecotec Air Fryer Cecofry Advance 9000 Window 9L

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  • Diet fryer that allows you to cook with very little oil, pulverize a little and get healthier recipes, but just as tasty.
  • 9 L tray with mobile dividing wall that allows to have 2 4.5 L trays.
  • Dietary fryer with double basket and dual temperature to cook two different dishes at the same time.
  • 2200 W of power to quickly cook all dishes.
  • It has a window that lights up during the cooking of food to be able to control the preparations without having to open the pan.
  • Temperature regulation from 80ºC to 200ºC.
  • 8 preset menus that set the time and temperature required to cook different types of food.
  • Modern and compact design with a multifunction touch control panel to control the operation.


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