Cecotec Air Fryer Cecofry Rain 5.5L

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    • Autodose Rain Oil: built-in oil dispenser.¬†Add oil to its built-in tray and forget about it for weeks, the Cecofry will directly add the necessary oil to each recipe with its 7 levels to achieve perfect recipes.
    • 5.5 L: capacity that allows you to cook large quantities without the need to do it in batches.
    • 1550 W: great power to cook perfect dishes in less time.
    • Chef Rain: give your favorite touch to each recipe, add oil or water and get a unique flavor in the most comfortable way.
    • Healthy Crispy: cook with water and get crispy and healthier recipes.
    • Custom Crispy: customize the crispiness of your recipes by choosing the dosage level.
    • Rain Cleaning: add water with a little soap to the dispenser and choose the self-cleaning mode to leave the ducts as new.
    • 8 pre-set menus: automatically select the level and amount of spray, time and temperature so that your recipes come out perfect.
    • Perfect Protect: the grid that separates the heating element from the bowl is easily removed for easy cleaning.
    • PreHeat: preheat function to get the perfect point of each food.

    • oil free fryer
    • Manual

Cecotec Air Fryer Cecofry Rain 5.5L

32 x 29 x 38 cm
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