Cecotec Hydro-Boost 10200

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Type of Item  : Car & Bike Pressure washer

Item model  : HydroBoost 10200

Warranty  :  2 years





CECOTEC  HydroBoost 10200 Liberty Pro 05407

  • HydroBoost 10200 Liberty Pro battery pressure washer. Clean anywhere without cables. Maximum pressure of 24 bars and 180 l/h of maximum flow. Pressure regulator with ECO and Turbo mode. Up to 55 minutes of autonomy. Includes soap bottle and extensive accessory kit. Includes transport bag.
  • Perform a perfect cleaning with ForceSonic technology that allows a maximum power of up to 180 W.
  • Maximum pressure of up to 24 bars that kills the most stubborn and difficult dirt.
  • Clean large surfaces faster thanks to the large water flow of up to 180 l/h.
  • Select the pressure level that best suits the cleaning requirements you need. You can choose between 2 modes: ECO and Turbo.
  • Thanks to the Immortal Battery technology, it achieves an autonomy time of 55 minutes* and reduces the charging time to 3 hours thanks to the 2500 mAh and 20V Lithium-Ion battery.
  • It includes an adjustable nozzle to adapt the output of the water jet to any cleaning and dirt situation. With the adjustable MultiNozzle nozzle you can clean any dirt on any surface. Designed with up to 5 different outlet positions to adapt the water jet and prevent damage to delicate surfaces. It includes a position with a departure angle of 0º, 15º, 25º, 40º and irrigation.
  • It includes the Soap Cleaning system with a soap bottle that is attached to the tip of the lance for a dense and long-lasting foam, without losing pressure and easily removing dirt. Ideal for car and bicycle. Get rid of all the dirt and get a perfect finish.
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design for comfortable cleaning. Clean wherever you want comfortably thanks to wireless technology and its low weight.
  • Easily connect accessories thanks to the iClick system that allows a quick and easy connection.
  • BS-Block safety system that blocks the trigger to prevent the pressure washer from being activated accidentally. Allows comfortable and safe cleaning.
  • Clean all types of surfaces thanks to its extensive accessory kit. Includes 360Brush special brush for rims, EasyClean bristle brush, lance with elbow for cleaning undercarriages or gutters, lance with 3D TurboFlip nozzle and interchangeable spray, MultiNozzle nozzle, soap bottle and transport bag to store the pressure washer and transport it easily .
  • Get rid of the most difficult dirt in your car, bicycle, garden furniture or outdoors in your house without cables and with total comfort.
  • Only Silence technology that reduces the sound level up to 69 dB for silent cleaning without disturbance.
  • Suction the water directly from anywhere thanks to the built-in 5 meter hose.
  • *Maximum autonomy in ECO mode and ideal cleaning conditions.


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