Beko Larder Fridge White

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Clear view of the inside

It can be difficult to see everything in your fridge clearly, especially in the corners and on the back of the shelves. That’s why our refrigerators are illuminated with LED chains at the top of the refrigerator and on the side wall, so you have good visibility anywhere in the cooler. In addition, it is also more energy-efficient than standard lighting.


Adjust door direction to the kitchen layout

Which side the fridge door should open depends on the layout of the kitchen. With the reversible door, the hinges can be placed both left and right, so you decide which way the door opens. To create even more cooling space, you can put two refrigerators next to each other and reverse the door of one of them.


Extremely durable glass plates

Thanks to the safety glass, you don’t have to worry if you want to put a huge and heavy jar in the fridge. The tempered safety glass plates can carry a weight of up to 25 kg. They are more resistant to scratches and cracks than untreated glass, so you can easily put heavy things on them.

  • Colour: White

  • Dimensions: H 150.8cm X W 59.5cm X D 59.2cm

  • Energy Efficiency Class : E

  • Total Gross Volume : 282 Lt.

  • Total Volume (l) : 286 Lt.

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