Indesit Gas Cooker S/Steel 60cm x 60cm

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Type  :  Free Standing Gas Cooker
Usable volume  :  62 l
Integrated cleaning system  :  Easy to clean enamel
Type of controls  :  Mechanical
Color  :  Inox
Number of gas burners  :  4
Position of controls  :  Front
Power  :  8100 W

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Cooking Programs
Gratin :
It combines the speed of the grill with the uniform cooking of the convection oven
Quick Cooking :
Particularly recommended for quick cooking of ready-made dishes, both frozen and pre-cooked, without the need to preheat the oven
Thawing :
Thanks to the circulation of air at room temperature inside the cavity, it allows you to quickly defrost all food
Pastry :
Combines the use of the rear resistance with the effectiveness of ventilation.
Under Ventilated :
To complete the cooking of foods that are already well cooked on the surface, but still morbini internally, or for foods such as fruit desserts that require moderate cooking on the surface.
Grill :
Perfect for grilling any type of food in a short time, especially meat and fish, saving time and energy.
Traditional (Static) :
Ideal for any type of traditional cooking: the heat envelops the dish in a delicate and homogeneous way.
Pizza :
It allows the temperature to rise quickly, generating in the oven the ideal heat confections for cooking pizzas that are soft inside and crispy on the edge.
Bottom heating :
Particularly suitable for the most delicate desserts that require effective and uniform leavening.
Multi-firing :
The combined action of the resistances and the fan allows a constant and optimal distribution of heat inside the cavity. Ideal for cooking several dishes on three different levels at the same time, saving time and energy.



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