Beko French Doors with Disp Stainless Steel

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Fruits and vegetables stay fresh for up to 30 days

Your fresh food will not spoil every day. Precise controls for temperature and humidity reduce condensation in the drawer, so fruits and vegetables stay fresh for up to 30 days, so you always have healthy foods available.


Vitamin C is stored in fruits and vegetables

Fresh food sometimes loses vitamins when it sits in the fridge. With Active Fresh Blue Light™ technology, fruits and vegetables continue to photosynthesize, preserving vitamin C levels, natural flavors and nutrients, while staying fresh for up to 30% longer. Now you don’t have to shop as often to provide your family with healthier meals.


High efficiency, longer durability and less noise

If your refrigerator is a heavy consumer of electricity and you can hear it humming and gurgling, it’s time for a change. Thanks to its innovative design, the ProSmart™ inverter compressor provides faster cooling with less consumption while operating four times more quietly than standard refrigerators. It adapts to temperature changes faster, keeps food fresh longer and does not consume a lot of electricity – all in one package.


From fridge to freezer with one touch

Whatever you have on your shopping list, the MultiZone instantly provides extra space in your freezer or fridge that you can organize however you like. Adjust the temperature from -24 °C to 10 °C at the touch of a button and don’t worry about putting a lot of food in the fridge.


  • Colour : Stainless Steel

  • Dimensions : 182 x 90.8 x 75cm (H x W x D)

  • Warranty : 5 Years

  • Total Volume (l) : 565

  • Energy Efficiency Class : F

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