Beko Top Mounted Fridge Freezer Stainless Steel 175cm x 60cm

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Minimum frost build-up

Frost build-up in static fridges makes food stick together and the appliance consumes more energy. Thanks to MinFrost’s special evaporation system, ice build-up in the freezer is dramatically reduced. That means frozen food will be preserved better and with less energy, while you’ll need to defrost less frequently.


Adjustable door direction to fit your kitchen layout

Some kitchen layouts require that refrigerator doors open in one direction and not the other. Reversible Door allows door hinges to be placed on both the left and the right of the unit, so decide which way your fridge doors open. Plus, you can double your cooling capacity by placing two fridges side by side and reversing the doors of one.


High-durability glass shelves

Ease your worries of putting that huge and heavy pot in the fridge with Safety Glass. Safety Glass shelves are made up of tempered glass and can carry loads of up to 25 kg. They resist cracks and scratches much better than un-treated glass, so you can store heavy items without a care.


  • Warranty: 5 Years

  • Total Volume (l) : 306 Lt

  • Dimensions: H 175 x W 59.5 x D 59.2 cm

  • Energy Efficiency Class: F

  • Fridge shelf type: Glass

  • Ice maker: Ice Box

  • Freezer position: Freezer Top

  • Control Type: Mechanical

  • Noise level: 38dBA

  • Voltage, V : 220-240V

  • Frequency : 50 Hz





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