Beko Flexi Induction Hob 60cm

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The Beko HII68811NT induction hob is equipped with an intuitive Premium Direct control, with up to 8 induction zones and additional space in the center, 2 flexible zones, a timer and a booster in each zone.


Type of Item : Induction Hob

Installation : Built In

Display Type  : Front

Zoon : Full Flexy

Color : Black Glass Ceramic

Child lock  :  Yes

Width : 60 cm

Number of Burners : 5

Warranty : 3 years

Timer  :  Yes

Original price was: €1,149.00.Current price is: €949.00.





Height : 5.5 cm

Width : 58 cm

Depth : 51 cm


Type of plan

Width : 60 cm

Smooth edge : Yes, front and back



Control : Premium Direct Control

Control panel : Front

Digital display : yes

Touch control : yes


Cooking zones

IndyFlex ™ zone : 2 IndyFlex ™ zones

Number and type of cooking zone : 8 induction fields 1 extended field

Left front : 2×92.7x200mm – 3600W

Left rear : 2×92,7x200mm – 3600W

Right front : 2×92.7x200mm – 3600W

Rear right : 2×92,7x200mm – 3600W

In the center : 1×92.7x200mm – 1800W



Residual heat indicator : yes

Timer : yes

Booster, rapid heating : yes

Pot detection : yes

Autocooking: yes

Child lock : yes

Cleaning block : yes

Stop & Go: yes

Keeping Warm: Yes

Overheating protection : yes

Flood Protection : Yes

Automatic shutdown : yes


IndyFlex ™ induction technology

Big dinner – little problem! Thanks to 9 independent cooking zones, you can easily prepare a meal for the whole family on this Beko induction hob.

Combine fields freely, cook in 4 standard zones or even 9 small ones at the same time, depending on your needs.

The only thing you need to worry about is whether you have enough pans and pots to prepare all the goodies you plan.

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EasyFit installation

Assemble your new hob in seconds! All you have to do is insert it into the pre-drilled hole, press it firmly … and it’s ready! There is no need to tighten or adjust anything.


Premium direct control

The new Beko hobs combine a beautiful appearance with intuitive controls.

When you turn on a hob with Premium Direct control, you take complete and precise control of each cooking zone.

With a single move you can adjust the power to the content of each pot or pan.


Stop and go

Switch off all cooking zones with a single touch – switch them back on when necessary, maintaining the previous operating mode.



It is no longer necessary to adjust the cooking temperature on the induction hob every time.

The Auto Cook function consists of 3 pre-programmed operating modes: frying, stewing and keeping warm.

A touch is enough for the hob to set the appropriate power by itself, thanks to which your meal will prepare itself.


Automatic pan detection

When the pot is placed on this induction hob, the device will automatically detect this fact.

Thanks to this, when you lift the pot, the hob will automatically stop heating, which contributes to energy saving.


Energy saving induction technology

Induction technology guarantees the consumption of a minimum amount of electricity and its minimum loss. Most of the electricity consumed by the device is transferred, in the form of heat, directly to the cookware.

Thanks to the action of the alternating magnetic field, only pots or pans are heated, not the hob itself or its components. As a result, it not only increases the energy efficiency of the plan, but also the safety of its use.

In addition, thanks to special sensors installed in the device, the induction hob works only when the appropriate pan is on it – in the absence of it, the power is cut off.


Minimalist design

Do you like minimalism and cooking is your forte? This Beko induction hob is the ultimate in technology in a sophisticated and aesthetic form that will fit perfectly into even the most sophisticated interiors.


Move function

Simplify cooking and use the Move function to control the temperature of the food being prepared, without the need to manually adjust the power.

Pressing the Flexi button twice will set the default heating levels in three fields: 15 on the front, 8 in the center and 3 on the back.

At this point all that remains is to move the pan between the appropriate fields, thus regulating the temperature at which the dish is prepared.



The Booster rapid heating is a function that makes cooking easier. It allows you to cook on a hot surface.

After switching on, the plate begins to heat up to the maximum temperature and then returns to the set cooking temperature. Thanks to it the cooking time is shortened.


Perfect appearance and attention to detail

Beko hobs not only guarantee fast and effective cooking, they also look fantastic and modern. Thanks to a wide range of colors, you can easily choose a hob that will perfectly match the interior of your kitchen.


Quick and easy cleaning

Since the glass ceramic surface does not heat up, spilled food does not burn and the hob is easier to clean.


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