Beko Built-In Induction Hob Full Flexi 80cm Black

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Premium Direct Access

Simple and direct commands

You are looking for a designer hob that is also simple to use. With Premium Direct Access you will have individual illuminated controls for each zone, at 15 intensity levels. Just a light touch is enough to adjust the settings which disappear when the hob is turned off, leaving a clean and shiny surface for a stylish kitchen.



Smart ventilation for always free hands

A hand in the kitchen is always welcome and we offer it to you to automatically manage the ventilation. HobToHood® is the hood that regulates the ventilation level of only the active cooking zones (thanks to the pairs of infrared sensors above and below). Smoke and steam are eliminated instantly with efficient use of energy and all you have to do is cook.



Fully versatile cooking space to suit your cookware

Make more space when you have to cook for many people. The New IndyFlex+® hob has 8 zones to be used individually or as 2 large units of four. Plus, the additional central zone helps you create two even larger zones. It doesn’t matter if you need many small pots or a few large ones, your hob adapts to any preparation.



A versatile hob tailor-made for your pans

Finally a hob that adapts to any type of dish. Whether it’s a quick lunch or a ten-course menu, the IndyFlex® hob has everything under control. Its flexible cooking zones combine to create larger ones, so you can use 4 pans or 2 larger ones to prepare whatever pops into your head.


Power Management

Easy to set energy consumption

Do you have lower energy rates at specific times of the day? Then you need to know how much you consume. With the Energy Control function, you can set consumption limits for your hob during installation. Choose from 5 levels to reset whenever you want.

  • Main Features:

    Type of Plan: Induction

    Burner configuration: 8 Induction zones, 2 IndyFlex+ sections and 2 Extensions

    IndyFlex+® :  Yes

    IndyFlex®: Yes

     Display Type: Touch Direct Control+

    Number of cooking levels: 15

    Autocook: Yes

    Product Series: bPRO 700

  • Connectivity:

    HomeWhiz® connection: Wireless and Bluetooth

    HobToHood® : Yes

  • Technology:

    Type of Plan: Induction

    IndyFlex+®: Yes

    IndyFlex®: Yes

    Autocook: Yes

    Boosters: Yes

     Stop & Go: Yes
    Display Type: Touch Direct Control+

    EasyFit: Yes

    Power Management (Power Block): Yes

    Timer: Yes

    Move function: Yes

  • Design: Burner Design: Glass

  • Cooking Zone Details:

    Burner configuration: 8 Induction zones, 2 IndyFlex+ sections and 2 Extensions

    Number of cooking levels: 15

    Left frontal area: 2×90×180 mm – 3600 W

    Right front area: 2×90×180 mm – 3600 W

    Left rear area: 2×90×180 mm – 3600 W

    Right rear area: 2×90×180 mm – 3600 W

    Central area: 2×90×180 mm – 1800 W

    Number of Electric Cooking Zones: 8

  • Safety:

    Residual Heat Indicator : Yes

    Anti-Tip System: Yes

    Automatic shutdown: Yes

    Child Safety Lock: Yes
  • Performance & Consumption:

    Voltage: 220 – 240 1N~ / 380 – 415 2N~

    Frequency: 50Hz

  • Dimensions: H: 5.2 x W 77 x D 51cm

  • Colour: Black

  • Warranty: 3 Years

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