Beko Built-In 8Kgs/5Kgs Built-In Washer Dryer

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Hygiene Therapy program

Refreshes dry clothes, leaving them perfectly clean and sanitized

The Hygiene Therapy program kills over 99% of bacteria and viruses thanks to the use of hot air at high temperatures, leaving the garments perfectly clean and sanitized. Suitable for dry clothes.

ProSmart™ Inverter Motor

High efficiency, longer life, less noise

Don’t stress about your energy bill or give yourself a headache every time you have to wash and dry your clothes. Thanks to the brushless motor design, ProSmart™ offers high energy efficiency, reduced noise levels and greater durability, all in a single solution. This way you will get the most out of your washer dryer, without affecting your monthly budget and with total peace of mind.

Wash & Wear® program

1 kg of laundry ready in 1 hour

Do you have an important meeting or a promising first date in an hour, but you have nothing clean to wear? You have all the time you need to wash and dry 1 kg of clothes with the Wash & Wear® program. Now you can have a complete look ready to wear in an hour.

Wash and dry Hygiene+ program

Ultra sanitized laundry at any temperature

People with allergies know well that mites and bacteria can survive on clothes even after washing. The Hygiene+ Program combines sensitive temperature controls with additional rinse and spin cycles to permanently eliminate these microorganisms from your laundry. With temperatures varying between 20°C and 90°C, the 60°C cycle is approved by Allergy UK to eliminate 99.9% of allergens.

DrumClean+ program

Fresh and clean basket

After a few washes, the drum gives off a bad smell caused by humidity. The DrumClean+ Program with AirTherapy® technology introduces an additional quantity of hot air which eliminates unpleasant odors and thoroughly cleans the drum. With a clean drum you’ll have cleaner clothes, cycle after cycle.

AquaWave® basket

Floating action basket for a more delicate treatment

Washing and drying may take a toll on your clothes. With the curved glass of the porthole and the exclusive wave motion produced by the blades inside the drum, the AquaWave® system treats the clothes more delicately, improving washing and drying. So the next time you get complimented on what you’re wearing, you can truly say ‘I’ve had this for years!’.

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