White Weather Resilient Cover For Yukon


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The essential accessory designed to protect. Shelter isn’t just weatherproof– it’s weather resilient, keeping elements where they belong: outside your Yukon.

Dimensions & Materials

Yukon Shelter

  • Diameter: 71 cm
  • Height: 44,5 cm
  • Weight: 1,09 kg
  • Materials: PVC Coated Polyester + Reinforced 6061 Aluminium

The weather resistant PVC-coated polyester cover protects your Yukon from water, dust, and snow so your good moments can hold on for a brighter day. All-season debris slicks right off the domed top, reinforced by 6061 aluminium stays.

Shelter is made of weather-resistant PVC-backed acrylic, and is reinforced with aluminium stays to create a domed top that helps prevent water from pooling.

Yes. You can store your Fire Pit outside with Shelter and it will stay protected from the natural elements.

Yes. Shelter will protect your Fire Pit from heavy winds, excessive moisture, and extreme heat however, when your Fire Pit isn’t in use for several months, we recommend moving it to a covered area such as a garage or covered patio.

Yes, Shelter is designed to fit your Solo Stove fire pit perfectly. Make sure you select the correct Shelter for either the Ranger, Bonfire, or Yukon.

The carrying case that comes with the Ranger and Bonfire is made for making transporting the Ranger and Bonfire even easier via the handles on its side. The carrying case is not made for protecting the fire pit against the elements.


Warm, soapy water and a soft cloth are all you need to make your Shelter as good as new. Gently wipe off any dirt or grime with the dampened cloth, and allow to air dry.







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