Tesy Water Heater 80 ltr.- BiLight – TESY80VER

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Type of Item  :  Water Heater

Model : Tesy – BiLight

Capacity : 80 ltr

Installation :  Vertical

Warranty  :  2 years

Original price was: €280.00.Current price is: €189.00.



Technical Characteristics

Model BiLight 80
Real Volume 82 L
Rated power 1500 W
Energy class C
Diameter 440 mm
Heating time Δt 45K (15 – 60°C)**80°C 2:08 h:min
Annual consumption of electricity AEC 2762 kWh
Height 0.845 m
Width 0.440 m
Depth 0.467 m
Load profile L
V40 145 L
Tout of the box 70 °C
MAX40 145 L
Mounting Vertical

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