Surround Surface Cover For Ranger And Bonfire


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Surround Surface offers both protection from the elements and practical functionality when your fire pit is not in use. Easily convert your Surround Fire Pit Table to an elegant tabletop centrepiece for your backyard gatherings.


*Surround Surface should only be used when your fire pit is completely cool

Dimensions & Materials

Surround Surface Small (Ranger | Bonfire)

  • Diameter: 60,6 cm
  • Weight: 3,2 kg
  • Material: Cold rolled steel

With its slightly domed top, the Surround Lid acts as a cover to safeguard your fire pit from the elements, while also providing the perfect spot for a plate of snacks and apps.

Surround Surface should NOT be used to cover the fire pit when it is in use. The Surround Surface should ONLY be used when the fire pit is completely cool.


Yes, the Surround Surface can be used when the Fire Pit Lid is in place. Surround Surface should ONLY be placed on top of the Surround when the Fire Pit is completely cool. This will add another layer of protection for your Fire Pit.


Surround Surface has a durable powder-coated surface and will help to prevent water and debris from entering the Fire Pit. When not in use, keep the Surround and Surround Surface covered with a Shelter to prolong the life of the coating.


Yes, you can! Surround Surface converts the Surround into a full tabletop. Use it as a palace to serve charcuterie boards, appetizers, and other items before you get your fire going.


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