Sharp 9kg Washing Machine 1400rpm

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Type  :  Washing Machine

Weight  :  9kg

Spin Speed  :  1400 rpm

Warranty : 2 years on parts and labour, 2 years on cross & bearings

Delay Timer  :  Yes

Quick Wash Duration  :  15 minutes

Energy Efficiency  :  A

LED Indicator Display  :  Yes


By performing an additional hot rinse at the end of the cycle this removes soap residue that can affect those with sensitive skin. Because clean clothes should sooth, never itch.

Too much foam in the washing machine can prevent the clothes from getting a proper clean, the Foam Protection system makes sure those bubbles don’t become an issue.

Accidents happen in the home but with Overflow Protection the aim is to keep their impact to a minimum. In the event of a water supply problem the drain pump is automatically activated.

An uneven wash can cause damage to your machine drum. The Unbalanced Control System smartly re-distributes the contents of the drum to ensure for an even wash and damage free machine.

The specially designed cabinet increases the rigidity of the machine, and in the process, reduces noise levels.

Sharp helps to safeguard you & your family. Specially coated material on our washing machines is designed to offer protection from harmful bacteria.


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