Liebherr Larder Fridge 185cm x 60cm

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Brand  :  Liebherr

Type of Item  :  Larder Fridge

Best Match Freezer  :  LH-SGNES4375

Warranty  :  5 years

Energy Efficiency  :  D 0r A

Noise Level  : 36 db

BioFresh Technology :  Yes

Total Volume  :  372L





BluPerformance : 

More interior space for food, economical and energy-efficient to operate, quiet and convenient to use and with an excellent design: the BluPerformance appliances from Liebherr set new accents and standards in the area of ​​refrigeration and freezing.

BioFresh :

BioFresh guarantees the perfect climate for super-long freshness. At a temperature just above 0°C and the ideal humidity, fruit and vegetables, meat and fish retain their healthy vitamins.


2.4” Color Display :

The high-resolution, high-contrast 2.4” color display with touch electronics is integrated behind the door and allows intuitive temperature setting.


GlassLine :

The GlassLine shelves made of safety glass are height-adjustable for individual storage. They are shatterproof, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. With the divisible and slidable storage surface, space can be created quickly and easily for tall containers.

Handle With Integrated Opening Mechanism :

The stable handles with integrated opening mechanism in a noble and high-quality look enable comfortable and effortless door opening.

LED Backlight :

The LED rear wall lighting is integrated in the rear area of ​​the horizontal partition panel. Energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and maintenance-free LEDs enable the rear area in the cooling compartment to be optimally illuminated from bottom to top, thus ensuring a homogeneous and high-quality lighting concept.


The powerful PowerCooling system ensures that freshly stored goods are cooled quickly and that the temperature is even throughout the interior. The FreshAir activated carbon filter integrated in the fan cleans the circulating air and binds unpleasant odours. The reminder function in the control shows when the filter needs to be changed.


For Liebherr appliances with the “SmartDevice” lettering, the SmartDeviceBox enables appliance control and use via mobile end devices. The SmartDevcieBox can be ordered as an accessory. The SmartDeviceBox is already integrated in some devices, which can be seen from the “i” in the device designation – for example “KBi 4350”.


SmartSteel significantly reduces the visibility of fingerprints. Thanks to the refinement of the stainless steel, SmartSteel surfaces are particularly easy to clean and are significantly less sensitive to scratches.


The SoftSystem integrated in the door cushions the movement when the door is closed and ensures that the inner door closes particularly gently, even when it is fully loaded.


SuperCool creates larger cold reserves for quickly chilling freshly stored food. The switch back from 2°C in the refrigerator compartment to the original temperature is time or quantity controlled and thus contributes to saving electricity.


A practical detail is the variable bottle rack. Depending on usage habits, the integrated glass plate is used to store cups or bowls.


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