Liebherr Build In Bio Fresh Fridge Freezer 177cm x 57cm

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Type of Item  :  Fridge Freezer

Type of Installation  :  Built-In

Color of Item  :  Stainless Steel

Warranty  :  5 years

Energy Class  :  D

Fridge Volume  :  201.0 L

Freezer Volume  :  54.0 L

Fridge Shelves/Boxes  :  7

Freezer Shelves/Boxes  :  2

Noise Level  :  34.0 dB




Fruit & Vegetable Safe :

Crisp lettuce or strawberries: the most delicate foods deserve a special place to stay fresh longer: BioFresh safes. The temperature in the “Fruit & Vegetable Safe” is close to 0 °C. In connection with the permanently prevailing humidity there, thanks to the tight closure, unpackaged fruit and vegetables feel particularly comfortable. You don’t have to set anything.

Meat & DairySafe :

Would you like the tender fillet of veal or fresh milk to stay fresh for as long as possible? This is ensured by the BioFresh safes: The temperature in the “Meat & Dairy Safe” is close to 0 °C – ideal storage conditions, even for the most sensitive foods. And best of all: Everything is perfectly adjusted ex works for immediate use – for longer freshness.

Duo cooling :

Thanks to two completely separate cooling circuits, DuoCooling ensures that there is no exchange of air between the fridge and freezer compartments. The food neither dries out nor is odor transferred. And that means throwing away less, shopping less, but saving and enjoying more.

SmartDevice Box Can Be Retrofitted :

Would you like to be prepared for the future of the smart home? Your Liebherr will be happy to support you: You can retrofit it with a SmartDeviceBox that puts your Liebherr on the Internet. The SmartDeviceBox can be installed in just a few simple steps and opens up the whole world of digital possibilities to you today.

Touch Screen :

Really touching: the touch display allows you to operate your Liebherr easily and intuitively. All functions are clearly arranged on the display. For example, you can easily select the functions or check the current temperature of your cooling device with a light tap of your finger.

Space for Baking Sheet :

Do you want to keep your homemade fruitcake fresh? Or prepared pizza that should go into the oven later? Simply slide your baking tray into your Liebherr – it offers you plenty of space to store a baking tray. Particularly practical: You can slide the baking tray in and out with the door opening 90°.

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