La Sommeliere 2 Bottles Wine By The Glass

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The DVV22by-the-glass wine dispenser lets you simultaneously set a bottle to its ideal serving temperature, protect wine from air oxidation and serve your finest bottles by the glass. Your wines will be preserved for longer and as such can be served for up to three weeks after opening.

How does the La Sommelière DVV22 dispenser work?

This 3-in-1by-the-glass wine dispenser is ideal for keeping two bottles chilled, preserving the wine, and serving it with style, without needing to remove the bottles. Discover the DVV22, you won’t know how you managed without it.

The DVV22 system:

The DVV22 runs on a nitrogen pressurisation system. The use of this non-toxic, odourless, inert gas enables long-term wine preservation. The nitrogen injected into the bottle creates a barrier on the surface of the remaining wine to prevent any contact with air and radically delay alcohol oxidation.

The compatible nitrogen cartridge is very easy to install at the rear of the appliance. Each 0.30L nitrogen cartridge can be used to serve around 20 x 75cl bottles. At the time of purchase, the DVV22 is supplied with two nitrogen cartridges.

The DVV22 electric by-the-glass dispenser runs on a mixed cooling system.


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