Heat Deflector For Ranger


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Solo Stove Fire Pits signature heat is redirected for more fireside warmth. The Heat Deflector magnifies your fire pits heat radius to make room for extra company or outdoor comfort in every season.

What’s Included
Dimensions & Materials

Bonfire Heat Deflector

  • Diameter: 25 in | 63.5 cm
  • Height: 10 in | 25.4 cm
  • Weight: 7 lbs | 3 kg
  • Materials: 304 Stainless Steel

As hot air rises and scatters, Heat Deflector captures and redirects the warmth to where you need it most. The precision-angle center cone and deflection disc are designed to tame the aimless heat so you can easily find fireside comfort.


YES! Do not touch any part of the Heat Deflector when in use. It will be extremely hot. Children should always be under parental supervision when around the fire pit and Heat Deflector. Always treat Heat Deflector like an open flame.

IMPORTANT: Do not use Solo Stove Deflectors in windy conditions.

Let both your Heat Deflector and fire pit cool naturally and completely before attempting to move any component of the setup. Using heat-resistant Gloves, Heat Deflector can be removed from the cooling fire pit and placed in a safe spot to cool down separately.

With preventative care, like keeping Heat Deflector out of the rain and humidity, cleaning sessions should be few and far between. After a few uses, some soot will build up on the bottom of Heat Deflector. We recommend polishing Heat Deflector’s surfaces with Barkeepers Friend and a dry cloth. Always ensure Heat Deflector is completely dry before storing to prevent surface rust.

Protect Heat Deflector from the elements by storing it in a cool, dry place. Station is the perfect storage solution for Heat Deflector, able to keep it clean, dry, and off the ground. Check out our new Heat Deflector Carry Bag for ultimate portability.

Heat Deflector is ready for use, right out of the box. The deflection disc and three detachable legs are included, along with a small storage bag for the detachable legs.

Heat Deflector is perfectly designed to fit Solo Stove Ranger and can be assembled and placed on top once a fire is already started in Ranger’s burn chamber.

  1. Start a fire inside Ranger and add wood until the flame is sustained.
  2. Using heat-resistant Gloves, place Heat Deflector over Ranger’s flame ring.
  3. Add firewood through the open areas between Ranger and Heat Deflector to bring your flame to a secondary burn.
  4. Enjoy the extra warmth deflected from your smokeless fire pit.


IMPORTANT: Do not use Solo Stove Deflectors in windy conditions.

Yukon Heat Deflector is compatible with the Yukon 30” when used with the included adapter ring.

Heat Deflector performs best when placed directly over Ranger without obstructions. Using Shield and Heat Deflector at the same time is not recommended and may reduce vital airflow to your smokeless flames.


















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