Domestic 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis

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Drinking Water
180 Litres Per Day
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Government Grants


The prices quoted are excluding government grants:


This product qualifies for Grant B & Grant C.


Grant B Price.


The Domestic RO Unit, Installation and 12 Months service agreement Costs € 455.00 including Vat.


The rebate value on this amount is €69.38 (15.25%)


TOTAL Cost using GRANT B = € 385.62


Grant C Price.


The Domestic RO Unit, Installation and 12 Months service agreement Costs € 455.00 including Vat.


The rebate value on this amount is €182.00 (40%)


TOTAL Cost using GRANT C = € 273.00


**In order to apply for this grant one must be able to recycle the waste water. This can be done by either routing the waste water to a Well or route the water back to the roof water tank.


The RO unit will be able to pump back water to the roof tank up to one floor however have more floors will result in poor membrane function. Should you need to pump water back up to the roof one must use a separate waste water tank and pump to pump the water back up.




50 Gallon (180 Ltr) Reverse Osmosis Including 3 Gallon Pressure Vessel.


This is a 5-stage water filtration system for residential use which produces drinkable water whenever you require it.


Bridgepoint Reverse Osmosis Systems can be purchased excluding or including installation. The price for installation is quoted separately from the price of the unit. The prices quoted for installation above is based on the following understandings;


  1. A cold water supply is readily available though an angle valve, underneath the kitchen sink or in the area of installation of the Reverse Osmosis unit


  1. A power supply is readily available in the area of installation. (Extensions cords are not supplied by our technicians but will offer to turn on system temporarily for testing purposes until a permanent solution is provided by the customer)


  1. A drain is available in the area of installation. (Note; our technician will be able to modify the existing drain on site to connect it directly to the system)


  1. Bridgepoint recommends that in the case of existing kitchens one makes use of the selection of Dual Function Kitchen Taps available. Bridgepoint will only drill additional taps in stainless steel sinks or Postform tops. Bridgepoint technicians are NOT authorized to drill any other form of sink or kitchen top be it natural stone or composite material other than HPL Postform.


  1. Should the installation not be possible and no suitable alterations can be made at the time, the client may either provide for the alterations and request an installation for a later date, or may even cancel the order and Bridgepoint will refund in full any deposit paid. (Deposits will be settled by a cheque payment sent by post. Our technicians are not authorised to effect any refunds.)


  1. The price also includes a 10 litre water storage pressure tank, all 5 filters, power supply, check valve and a switch pump.


This price does not include the water tap, installation or bi-yearly maintenance. These can be bought separately through our website.


Note: If installation is done by the client it will not void the warranty. Warranty will be void if there is: Incorrect installation, blocked water pipes, construction residue in water pipes or trapped in filters found inside Bridgepoint products, misuse of products, no power of water supply or low excessive pressure.

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