Cecotec Vision Toast Black with Glass Windows Toaster

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Bread toaster with walls, glass window and stainless-steel body. XL extra-wide slot with capacity for 2 toasts. Includes holder for buns. Maximum power of 1260 W and 7 toasting positions, preset functions. VisionToast by Cecotec.

  • Large-slot bread toaster with capacity for 2 toasts and 1260 W.
  • Stainless-steel finish and control window.
  • Removable double-glass which makes it easy to clean.
  • XL extra-wide slot suitable for thick bread loafs.
  • Quartz heating elements. More efficiency in less time.
  • Automatic shutdown and pop-up mechanism.
  • Automatic toast introduction and ejection at the start and end of the program.
  • Self-centering system toaster for an equal toasting on both sides.
  • Adjustable power, 7 toasting settings.
  • Top rods allow you to heat bigger foods such as pastry or croissants.
  • Preset functions: reheat, defrost and bagel.
  • Bagel function: only toasts one side.
  • Cancel button to interrupt the toasting process.
  • Easy-to-remove crumb tray.
  • Non-skid base and automatic cable storage.
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