Cecotec Vacuum Rolls for CE4070

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  • Vacuum sealer that vacuums and seals to preserve ingredients and prepared meals up to 5 times longer.
  • Motor with a vacuum pressure of 0.9 bar (approx. 95 Kpa), equivalent to 712 mmHg.
  • Suction speed: 24 l/m
  • Includes dispenser compartment for the roll and built-in foldable cutter, in order to cut rolls to a desired measure.
  • Suitable for universal generic bags.
  • Includes 5 bags (20 x 30 cm) and a heatproof roll (20 x 200 cm).
  • Large format vacuum sealer, sealing surface 0-30 cm.
  • 4 combinable operation modes in order to adapt to all kind of foods, adjustable between wet or dry and resistant or delicate.
  • Includes marinating function, specially programmed for vacuum cycles allowing you to obtain intense flavours in short times.
  • Vacuum function for canisters. Includes an input and a tube in order to use universal generic jars and canisters.
  • Full vacuum and automatic sealing function.
  • Separate sealing, in order to bottle liquids.
  • Suitable for vacuum canisters, hermetic bags, bottle caps, and other accessories.
  • Power: 120 W.
  • More silent vacuuming system.
  • Operation light indicators.
  • Stop button in order to interrupt the process.
  • Easy-to-clean wide sealing surface.
  • Elegant design, professional quality.

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