Cecotec Ready Warm 9200 Smart Towel Black

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ReadyWarm 9200 Smart Towel Black

Electric fluid towel rail with 750 W, LED display, and touch control.

  • The electric fluid towel rail is capable of quickly heating towels and increasing the bathroom’s temperature thanks to its 750 W.
  • Its LED display shows the room temperature and the rest of the available functions, such as temperature and modes.
  • It features a weekly scheduling function that allows programming the device’s working hours for every day of the week.
  • It has 3 operating modes for different situations and requirements: Comfort, Eco , and Open window.
  • Its touch control panel makes it easier to control and use, plus, it makes it more attractive and increases ease of use.
  • It is ideal for bathrooms thanks to its IP24, which protects it against dust particles of medium size and water splashes.
  • Temperature adjustment, depending on the operating mode, enters a 10 ºC-35 ºC range approx. for maximum comfort.
  • It features 2 safety systems: Protection against overheating (protects your bathroom and home) and an anti-frost system (protects your towel rail when the temperature is very low, close to 0 ºC).
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