Cecotec Power Titanium Blender 500

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500-W Power Titanium 500 Fresh&Go single-serve jug blender with 4 blades coated with black Titanium. 2 cooling tubes and 2 portable glasses to take your milkshakes with you anywhere.

  • Compact 500-W blender, capable of mashing and blending all types of food and suitable for preparing juice and smoothies.
  • 4-star blade coated with black titanium that keeps blades sharp for longer. Suitable for crushing ice and preparing perfect mixtures.
  • Jugs are made of Tritan, the only BPA-free plastic with no toxics.  No toxics.
  • Includes 2 cooling tubes that keep drinks cool for longer. As easy as filling them with water, introduce them inside the refrigerator and place them in the inside of the lid.
  • Includes 2 600-ml portable glasses for preparing the perfect amount of your favourite drinks and take them with you anywhere.
  • Non-electrical parts are dishwasher safe for easier cleaning.
  • Includes 2 sealing lids that prevent dripping for you to carry it easily and to drink directly from the jug.
  • Easy to use thanks to its one-touch operating.
  • Useful and ergonomic designed glasses for a perfect blending.
  • Immobile-design non-skid base for greater control.
  • Security Check System: Allows the blender to operate only if the jug is properly closed.

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