Cecotec Hydro-Boost 1700

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Type of Item  : Car & Bike Pressure washer

Item model  : Hydro-Boost 1700

Warranty  :  2 years





Maximum power of 1700W and a maximum flow of 450 l/h. Includes a bottle of soap and special brushes to remove any dirt from the car or bike. It has an aluminum pump and a maximum pressure of 150 bars. Action radius of 14m.

Description :

  • Great power of 1700 W to clean quickly and efficiently.
  • Maximum pressure of 150 bars that generates a super powerful shot of water.
  • Maximum flow of 450 liters/hour to clean a larger area in less time.
  • Highly reliable aluminum HardPump pump that allows a long time of use.
  • Soap bottle with a 440 ml capacity for soap that generates a dense foam.
  • 360Brush brush to clean hard-to-reach areas with heavily adhered dirt in a single movement, such as car rims.
  • EasyClean brush with a large surface area and numerous particularly soft and effective bristles. Perfect for the toughest corners and joints.
  • 3DTurboFlip nozzle to generate a focused water outlet at maximum pressure.


Composition :

  • HidroBoost 1700 Car&Bike pressure washer.
  • Soap bottle.
  • Special wheel rim brush.
  • Special brush joints.
  • 8 meter high pressure hose.
  • Spray nozzle.
  • 3D TurboFlip mouthpiece.
  • Nozzle cleaning kit.
  • Manual.


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